Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

Just finished dinner cooked by the kids....steak on the grill, baked potatoes & green beans. 
Getting ready to watch a movie and hopefully not fall asleep in in.  Sooo exciting!
Ready to say goodbye to 2016.  A year of big things rejoining the working world as a sub teacher, oldest getting a driver license, 2 kids in high school, friends of the family going through life altering events. Time for a new trip around the sun to begin!

Wishing all a happy & healthy 2017!

Friday, December 30, 2016

My least favorite question

This is a late Festivus post....hope you all have your pole polished and ready....
Everyone has questions that set them on edge....these are mine I've narrowed it down to 5

Mine in order are

1. What's your dinner plan?
    Why?  It's always from hubby, usually on the way home from work (a time I never know). No mTter what I answer I can count on at least 1 of 3 if not all 3 questions.....what are you serving it with, is it done/when will it be done and what made you cook that?     I was raised to not question the meal prepared, to just eat it - it's fuel and if you don't care for it, you eat it anyhow because that's what there was.    He was raised differently. His mom didn't cook stuff the kids didn't like - not that I do, but sometimes I make less than favorite meals and now the kids have developed a taste for them.  Besides, if there is something particular desired for dinner just freaking say so - my crystal ball is on the fritz.  

2.   Can I ask you a question?  
      Why?  It's frigging redundant!  It's probably my biggest pet peeve (other than they're, there and their grammar mistakes). Everyone asks it - and I find if I'm heading towards snarkyville, being asked this completes my trip there.

3.  What are 'we' going to do?
     Why?  In this context lately it's not a case of We but You going to do?  Usually involves a less than pleasant task, physical or brainy implying that the asker hasn't given thought 1 toward a solution to a problem needing solution.

4..  Where do you want to go eat?  
      Why?  This is usually met with resistance because when we eat out lately it's as a family.  Take into account my birthday or Mother's Day...I love Mexican and seafood and am not a big fan of BBQ.  Inevitably I'm asked  & if I suggest the 2 options and a usually told "you know X doesn't like spicy/fishy food". What about this place?  Well, if you know I like 2 places a lot and don't get to go often, don't ask me - you know I'm going to be disappointed if it's someone else's choice that really gets made while trying to make me feel like it was my choice.

5.  What do you do all day?
     Why?  I'm a stay at home mom, but I'm often not at home....I run errands, attend to volunteer stuff, sub teach, clean house and drive non-driver teens around to their commitments. Trust me, I would love to sit back, watch movies and nibble bonbons all day. But it doesn't work that way

January = Can Can Sale!

It's ShopRite Can Can sale time!!  The ad was in this week's local paper.  
Time to super stock up on staples....canned tomato products, progreso soups and beans. 
Look out - Sunday I'm hitting the store!  

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Operation: Academic Success

Part of the new year will bring a bit of stress to our home - not a new stress because it's school related.

We will be searching for the best school for the youngest child for the fall next year. Currently a freshman in high school, this child was accepted into a magnet school and then decided to stay in the current school at the last minute - I suspect mostly because of the fear of the unknown.  Now this child is unhappy and overwhelmed and not doing well despite being very bright.  So we will be exploring the tech school route when school starts again in January. 

Our public high school isn't an option for many reasons (the principal and I didn't see eye to eye before regarding our older child's IEP vs 504 plan),  the school environment & staff loves super jocks or artists, the robotics team is by selection of the TAG teacher only - not by proven talent or aptitude (grades & test scores are a factor for our kiddo). Basically there is no place for the quiet kid who comes in behaves decently, is generally a good Kid and does their work; everyone is expected to be exceptional and if you aren't - they write you off.

That leaves us where we currently are, with academic tutors  at the current school or tech school (totally not the end of the world). 

Christmas recap.....

What a lovely holiday.  Plenty of family time, generous gifts and a few new items for my wardrobe, sweaters and vest.  Some new crafting supplies and snacky items.

Only 2 things bummed me out....
1 couldn't locate jarred or boxed mince pie filling anywhere at all. Other than Amazon ($22/2 jars no thanks). This really bummed me out since I can't have mince tarts now. 
2 no chai tea bags in my stocking - I can remedy that fast!

Ventured out today (outlet malls were still nutty busy) to exchange a gift from relations to one of the kids for the correct size.  Of course it wasn't available so an alternative was selected.  Then went to return the shirts I bought my stepdad for the correct size.  Glad I did, they were on even more of a sale so I saved another $22!  Was going to try and restock my tissue paper/gift box stash for next year maybe go tomorrow - depends on my mood in the morning.  

Hubby took oldest to ikea yesterday for a new desk (kitchen counter and legs). Came home with some new storage cubes for my craft area - they were 50% off for the 4 cube one.  

Tonight's plan is to find some new sneakers for me on sale online.  

Also last week I got the call to sub for the first week if the new year.  It's only 4 days but it will pay for my Scrapbooking retreat later this winter!  

I plan on spending what's left of this week puttering around sorting clothes for the last minute tax deduction (and decluttering). 

Hope everyone is enjoying a great holiday season!!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!  
We had Christmas Eve with the inlaws - very nice time and generous gifts for all around. 
Tomorrow is sure to be more festivities and hopefully a nap at some point 😅

Hope everyone has a great quiet day!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

One last push

Tomorrow and Friday...
thats it - those are the last days i have to shop/prep for Christmas 2016. 

plan is set....up early tomorrow to clean up/tidy and decorate.  then a fast run to BJs and wrappingin the   evening.

Friday has me up early and headed to Aldi for cheeses, crackers etc.  

i will do a quick check on stocking stuffers tomorrow night as well.  we have a new stocking stuffer rule this year useful (ie toothbrushes, toiletries socks) or edible (treats).   do you know how awesomely a bottle of shower gell fills out a stocking?

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Back to routines

hi everyone!  I'm back from the hiatus. I find I need to get things posted for my own frugal accountability and sanity.

We are starting to get into a groove again after some very trying weeks here.
Heartbreaking news and a memorial service afterwards.
Add to it hubby's crazier than ever year end work schedule, a rotating series of vehicle issues (all $$$ and not one vehicle untouched), Christmas music concert, family commitments, winter sports practice until 8pm 3 nights a week.

We finally got a tree last weekend - almost had to buy a fake one since the usual tree farm had cut the quota for the season - luckily we found one nearby at a different gentleman farmers place.

I put a big push on shopping this weekend and I think I just need to get  a couple stocking stuffers to finish up the kids and hubby.

I've really enjoyed reading everyone's writing  break - better than napping at school pickup.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

taking a little break

I'm sorry -
I will have to take a little break - I've been pretty bad about keeping up on this blog.  I do sign in and read what everyone else is up to - but I just haven't had much to say in the thrift world - other than I have my donation/angel tree gifts bought and did it using coupons so I was able to buy higher quality at the same budgeted amount.

I'm in a brain fog & I have tons to say but its all related to an event close to home (another family) and out of respect to them I just can't type about it without starting to cry.

We are busy trying to get in the holiday spirit here and get things situated for Christmas. We have Concerts for School coming up too.  I'm going to have to focus on my kids and family now -
I am hoping to be back soon once the fog lifts from my brain with all that's going on. 

Christmas Blessings to you all and Hope you have a Happy & HEALTHY New Year!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Pressure Cooker?

I've noticed there are loads of them this year on sale....are they all they say they are?
Has anyone used one of them?

I remember my dad using one with a little wobbly valve thingy on top and one time the top blew off and navy bean soup all over the kitchen ceiling - I thought my mom would kill him.  

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Tree dilemma

Warning - this is a first world problem post!

We live in the country....and there are large and small tree farms near us.
We used to go to the small ones when the kids were babies & toddlers and large ones when the kids were preschool age-early grade school age because they did the whole experience...for the past 4-5 years were back to the small hobbyist farm stage.  Only trouble is the one we go to us possibly taking the year off because of drought and limited rain means limited growth.  He mentioned it last year - but now with soooo little rain I'm afraid it will be one reality.

Here is the dilemma:

We have very little free time as a family together to go pick out the live tree and decorate it together this year (the next 3 Saturday's are all booked with winter sports that take 6 hours).   Sooo I made the suggestion that we consider the fact if we can't get a real tree from the place we like and our crazy schedules - what if we take advantage of the huge sales and buy an artificial tree this year.  

Oh Holy Cow!  One kiddo is all for it and the other and hubby are totally deadest against it!  

I admit I will miss the fragrance, but not the watering and needles that will fall off.  Oh and the 2-4 days of sneezing as my sinuses get acclimated to having it here in the house.

What would you do?

Holiday Shopping

I said I wasn't going out on Thanksgiving to shop and I didn't!
I said I wasn't going out on Black Friday super early and didn't-ish.  

Mother in law asked if we would run to homedepot for the poinsettia special for her.  Hubby said yes so off we went at 7 am!  Sooo, while we were out I told hubby that we were stopping at christmastree shop too since I wanted to get in on the coffee pods deal (200/$50 then 20%coupon so got them for 200/$40!) I'm good for the year I guess - lol!  Actually used the 20% off coupon on the whole order and picked up a few things off our lists....amaryllis plants for a couple aunties that love getting them yearly etc....

Then it was back HD to finish off one of the kiddos for Christmas!  That's 1 down.
Then kohls - where I was able to use my $10 rewards coupon and another $10 coupon and a 15% off coupon.  Was able to complete my giving tree shopping donations done under budget!!  

After a late breakfast out we stopped at Walmart for the On sale phone charger cords as stocking stuffers and home by noon.

It was an overall productive are hidden away and I was able to binge watch Lillies on Netflix.  A successful day

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pies are baked, house is clean enough and kids are on break until Monday!
Totally not going shopping tomorrow - unless it's online - after all the Turkey-fest!

I haven't been gone just quiet since I was super busy with getting stuff done for tomorrow....
I'm back on Friday!  Enjoy your Turket Day!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Fast dinners needed this week

the hamster wheel of life is churning away with wild abandon!
Winter is coming and I'm panicky - only 38 days to Christmas!?  How did that happen?
I'm going to have to come up with some menu plans - since this whole diet thing isn't going as planned.

Yesterday had me hitting the market on the way home, kids and I were at school late (sports). We were also craving Hamburg gravy and shepards pie but assembled on the plate with veg to the side.  Easy enough but no grocery on the way home had ground beef on sale...I paid more than I wanted to (2.5# @ $4.49/#).  Steep but cheaper than eating out for 4, the potatoes and veg were here already. I needed to get dinner on the table before hubby had to go to an evening meeting and I succeeded

Tonight was oven stuffer roaster. IGA had them$1/#.  I got one and the food pantry items for each grade for school....
Came home and it was in the oven by a baking bag.  A little penzys herbs du Provence , kosher salt and black pepper on top and a rib of celery & small onion stuffed smelled great & tasted great too served with brown rice, mashed sweet potatoes and green beans.  Carcass and broth from its cooking in the bag are simmering away in the crockpot with some carrot, celery & more water and spices.  Soup is heading to the fridge tomorrow night late.

I was pretty happy with the baking bags I bought at dollar tree...4/$1!  Not as thick as the Reynolds ones. And the directions are in English, not like the Diamond ones I used to get at ocean State Job Lot (those were in English & Arabic). I would use them again. I cooked a 7.5# bird in 1.5 hours.

Thinking that Saturday will be freezer meal prep day.  Just gotta do it!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Cheap clothes

I was driving home from north of Manchester on Sunday, so I stopped at Savers.  On the lookout for a couple newish wardrobe updates.  All I found was a men's flannel shirt from llbean. It was $6.99!  In fantastic shape too. Just the size for one of my kiddos too!  I was so excited.  Made the quick stop well worth it. 

Love getting a deal!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Scrapbooking materials Finds!!

full confession time.  I'm a scrapbooker.  I know I know.  Nobody prints photos anymore.  Yup I do!  
I'm very far behind but it's something I truly enjoy.  I've had a morritorium on buying anymore tools/supplies for this hobby for about a year.  That includes papers and stickers.  I ve been very good, only thing I've bought was some adhesive and - pack of solid papers.  Until the last 2 trips to Goodwill.....

Last Thursday I was looking for a dress for the school play for one of the cast.  Didn't find a dress but found a new still packaged Creative Memories 12x12 album with pages for $4.99!  Don't need the covers I need the pages to complete a book (but they changed dimensions a few years ago - these fit the book I'm trying like heck to finish). huge score!!!

Today I was at a different goodwill looking for another dress for another child actor (why don't their parents  do this) I found a Xyron 500 sticker making machine $3.99!  I tested it there and it works!  Sooo excited!  I've wanted one for certain things but would never buy one fill price.  I've already found the best price for refills on Amazon - perfect for the kids to get me for Christmas.

I love it when a bargain falls on me like that!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Pantry rotation is key!

Learned a hard lesson today.  Pantry rotation is key.  I threw away 5 sealed bars of crisco butter flavored shortening tonight.  I was going to make cookies tonight.  My recipie calls for 1 cup or shortening or butter.  After years of experimenting I have the best luck with a 50:50 blend when I make these cookies.  So I reach into the cupboard to take down a bar of crisco....unseal and unwrap & give it a sniff (habit, I check the cooking oils for rancidness every time). I almost gagged!  This went on for a total of 5 bars.  I dont cook with solid shortening so I buy the 3 packs of sticks and usually keep them in the spare fridge to extent their shelf life.  These must have not made it into the spare fridge.  2 bars had a use by date of 7/2015 so fair enough...the other 3 had a date of 9/2016.  I must have bought them last Christmas.

Luckily I was able to punt and used coconut oil and butter.  They turned out very good even if they spread a lot but I don't know that I will ever up more than the 3 stick pack.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Using restraint

today was a day shopping where I used restraint.
Quick trip to ocean state and I picked up a couple things I needed.  Almonds and hairspray and seltzer
Dollar Tree - a pack of plastic scrubbie pads and 'magic erasers'
Goodwill - 3 shirts for the kids
Aldi - apples, milk and sweet potatoes

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I'm a bad blogger

I'm horrible about keeping up with this this year.....
Last week was the cold/ear thing. Feeling much better - thanks!  I spent the last week drinking loads of warm tea and soups to flush the germs out.

This week it's end of year paperwork and medical appointments before our insurance changes January 1.

Oldest child was selected to participate in the All New England Band thingy in New Hampshire next month.  I have to get the instrument case looked at (it's the original case and one of the latches is getting temperamental). Ms Sandie - ya got any ideas where to go?  This must be cheaper than buying a new case.

I used ibotta today and earned $12.50!  Trying a new protien shake powder and it was on there - yay.

Meals have mostly been home cooked and planned overs -

Looked at the calendar and saw just how close we are to Christmas - freaked out a little.  But I have 3 presents bought so I'm feeling pretty ahead of the game. (False sense of security)

Otherwise my life has been so dull, just plugging along here...

Thursday, October 20, 2016

How is it Thursday already?

Seriously wondering where the week has gone....
How did it get to be Thursday?  It's been exceptionally busy - 
I woke up Monday feeling kinda iffy - stuffy, like I had caught hubby's mancold....
By Tuesday it wasn't mancold - it morphed into a weird ear infection feeling.....I pushed on the best I could, then called in to the urgent care associated with the hospital we've used.  Yup!  If It's an ear's the kick in the antibiotics!  No swollen glands, no Fever etc....most likely brought on by the mancold congestion.  Fluids, rest, Tylenol. Unless it ruptures....then come in for antibiotics

I grew up with ear infections and have scaring on both eardrums from them.  (Pre tubing days). Never thought I would survive an earache on just Tylenol - so far so good I guess I can't complain.

Today I started to feel more normal.  So I'm subbing tomorrow.

Yesterday I hit Aldi. Large eggs were $.77/dozen. Limit 4 dozen.  Guess the big egg shortage us really over

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Rummage sale finds

A nearby town has 2 churches having rummage sales this weekend!
Nothing like a good sale on some stuff.....

24 can igloo cooler (with handle) $2
large banana shaped "armatel" like decorative dish for the coffee table $2
pair of shorts for youngest $2
bow tie for oldest $1  the kind you have to tie! 
black woven strap basket $1  thinking its going to be the new mail basket - but I will find a use no matter what. 

I feel good I helped support local churches - and didn't spend a huge amount of $$

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The growing lists.....

I'm a list junkie - I have them everywhere, sometimes I feel better if I can write it down - just so I can cross it off.  Sometimes if I don't write it down I forget important stuff.

Now I'm not sure why but the To-Do list is growing again.
Might be because it wasn't whittled down as much as I had hoped over the summer.  I tried but found that some projects needed more time than I allotted for. 

I'm almost at the point where I tell hubby - "You need to take 2 days off from other stuff and work on these items - no more trying to fit it in"

The other list that is growing is the list of shopping.  I'm doing what I can to substitute items in recipies in the meantime - but I think the next shopping trip could be a doozy!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Cheap or lazy or both?


It's definately fall.  I'm too cheap to turn on the heat at night yet...and too lazy to break out the comforter never mind the flannel sheets

So out came the long sleeve long legged pjs.

Since the youngest child has decided to skip using a top sheet on the bed (midnight tangles) I'm taking that flannel and sewing it to the fleece blanket to make a duvet cover for that room.  Plus to avoid overheating this kid sticks a foot out of the covers....hopefully it will keep kiddo warm and all the covers on the bed that need to be.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Not much new

Well, I didn't accomplish nearly what I had hoped to over the long weekend.  I did get a big bunch of laundry done and put always but that was about it.  The gazebo was rained on Saturday - so it didn't get put away, today I was in paperwork hell.  Maybe tomorrow?  

I'm fighting a cold I think....chills and very tired. I will not give in!!  Lots of tea is on the list for tomorrow.

Friday, October 7, 2016

My weekend plans

Looking ahead at next week - it's gonna be busy busy busy...
So thankful for a 3 day weekend.  

Tomorrow morning will find me doing the patio cleanup if it's dry.  The gazebo cover needs to come off and get stored - although I'm not sure it will go back up next year, it's getting very rickety and tattered.  I will let hubby make the decision - I enjoy the shade it gives but the screens don't close now so it's hardly mosquito proof.  New covers/screens cost nearly the same as we paid for it.  
The. We have a party in the afternoon.

Sunday is spoke for with family stuff and homework for the kids

Monday will be spent with me on the phone & internet taking care of some volunteer stuff,  doing a couple errands that can only happen then and meal planning from the freezer.  

Not sure if I will be subbing but I know I will be helping at least 1 day after school with a project.


Thursday, October 6, 2016

A shopping experience - grrr

Well, Thursday I tried a new to me consignment shop.  They opened last year.  I won't be back....why?
Poor service.  It has clothes and some nice furnishings.  One mid century sectional thought would look great in the rec room.  Reasonably priced - hated the color.....but simple clean lines I could have re done it or had it done.  Problem?  Well it's a sofa and I was going to sit on it to try it out....the sales lady/manager ask me not to, "there's the sign". And so there was....not a sold sign but a do not sit on the furniture sign - WTF?  Seriously?  How of earth would I know if it's something I want if I don't sit on it?  So I take a wander thru and look at some dresses in my size on a rack....same manager is talking to an employee like the employee was stupid.  I don't know the back story between the two - needless to say I was uncomfortable.  I went back go look at the sofa closer and same manager lady asks if I have questions and tells me it can be delivered my response?  "No thanks, I'm not buying furniture just for the looks, it has to be the right size and I want to sit on it to be sure it's comfortable". 
She looked confused.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

When a plan derails

today was one of those days....I had a good game plan in place.  Then the music teacher asked for a favor and it all went to pot.  But a dreaded task has been completed and early which is key because concert season will be here before I know it.

Just crazy!

But, it took a big enough chunk of my day I couldn't justify driving home to go back go school hLf an hour later and I hate running errands with my laptop in the car.  Once the kids and I got home and cleaned up the breakfast dishes from the sink I realized I hadn't taken anything out to thaw since I didn't come home during the trip to local IGA for sale chicken breasts.

Then when hubby got home I headed to shop right for a stock up shop.  Got some great deals on Kraft Mac-n-cheese, hot cocoa mix brownie mix $.79 each if you mix and matched at least 10. Youngest likes the Kraft (ick) I've been out if brownie mix for a month or so.  Also scot ties tissue was on sale and it's fall cold season.

Now I'm pooped and turning in!  Another busy day awaits.

Monday, October 3, 2016

errand update

I got the flats I like - paid more than I wanted to $42! 


Now I'm not sure I like them for that much money.  I'm using tomorrow to hit kohls and famous footwear to see if I find an alternative at half the price.  They had some interesting looking ones online - but I have to try on shoes - just my thing....

I really love the nude color ones I bought in the spring; but I'm really pale so finding a nude flat that doesn't look like a flesh colored crayon melted on me is tough.  Plus I didn't pay $42 for those - I think I paid around $25 which is fair.

I skipped ACMoore - too tired to deal with it.  But I took the opportunity to finish some paperwork in the pickup area at school I had been putting off - and cleaned out my purse.  So it wasn't a total waste of time - although I could have/should have cat napped - but always feel weird doing that in the car at school while waiting - What if I snore or sleep slack jawed?  The embarrassment to my teens and my loss of credibility as a sub if students saw would be too much to handle.

Its a night of dinner choices - leftovers or grilled cheese and fruit.  Trying to be really good and reign in food waste.  That's something that bugs me more than overpriced shoes but less than the overpriced cable bill - LOL


Holy cow I'm totally dragging today - I should take a cat nap rather than write - but the mind is churning away.  I was up until 1ish with oldest child - who was completing homework in the car this morning. I just can't really relax and fall asleep if the kids aren't in their beds - wonder what will happen when they start dating or go to college.   I've run several errands already and have a 2 more to run on the way back for pickup at school.  and I'm only on my 3rd cup of coffee.  OK - they are 14 oz cups but still its only cup #3.

I have one day of subbing booked in later this week too. And another evening meeting just popped up for me - there is the possibility it gets pushed to next week - Everyone please cross your fingers for me it gets pushed out to next week LOL.

One of my errands is to the outlets that I never made it to - I bought this fantastic pair of neutral flats there in the spring.  they look like Tieks but at literally 1/3rd the cost.  I know they make them in black  and navy and cognac - saw them on amazon - but for $65.  Too rich for me.  I bought them for under $30 in the spring.  Hoping not to go over that.  Another is to use a 55% off coupon at ACMoore today - if I get there great - I'm not gonna drive myself nuts though if I don't.  I need some scrapbook adhesive and its a great coupon for it.  Although I'm sure one will come along again.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Ready for another week?

I can't believe the weekend is over.  We only have one thing planned for the week - an evening meeting.

It's still going to suck getting up in the morning.  Kids and hubby had a thing this weekend, they left about an hour after I got them home from school and got back at 1 today.  And God oldest had a boat load of homework that is still feint worked on now. So yeah, um tomorrow morning is going to suck.

I normally don't get pissed about homework, but this kid had to pull an all nighter toward the end of last week due to homework and playing in 2 ensembles after school.  I don't see how anything can be gained for there to be a big paper due and 2 tests on the same day.  One AP, and 2 honors classes.  Talk about fried!  Last week's all nighter was actually 3 hours of sleep but it still sucked - thankfully I drive them - not this kid who just got a license.

Tonight looks like another one.  I chewed hubby out but good for planning these excursions and getting home late because there was homework to be done.

We need to have a big ole "come to Jesus" meeting here - one where I do some butt kicking.  When the kids get stressed about schoolwork and hubby hollers no grades should be below an 80....they freak out & I get the grief from them - and then him for not staying on top if them more to get it done.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Consignment & Savers deals!

Vera wang/kohls $7.99 @ Savers

Dress barn black knit pencil style skirt $2.99 @ Savers (it's about 5#snug)
Has a little pilling on it near the waist - but for $2.99, I will use the sweater shaver on it!

Faded Glory/Walmart Basic black casual pants 2.99 @ Savers!

Talbots knit shirt dark brown & black print on cream $5 at consignment shop 

White background with eggplant and black pattern blouse $7 at consignment shop 

Another black knit pencil skirt Lane Bryant (longer than the other) $9 at consignment shop

I had success today!  Would have liked to find more tops but I may run to Kohls for a look tonight since according to Carol at CT on a Budget there is a big big sale.  
This was a long trip for 6 items and even better they are the pieces I've been looking to add as I lose some weight and am subbing again.  And cost me $36 with tax!  I'm so happy with that!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Ahh quiet at last

Finally some quiet!  Hubby and the kids have gone off until Sunday's so quiet now.  It's blissful. It's been a really hectic week for me, so I'm very thankful.
Today was rush off to school, back home to shower and handle some emails and rush to my hair appointment.
Big deal for me was the highlight special.  As in highlights with another coloring process and cut were free!  So happy!!  The new cut is shorter than I would have gone but it's growing on me and my hair grew so much in the last 7 weeks between the last cut and today.  It was shaggy!

Tomorrow will have me hitting several consignment shops.  Hunting down a black washable skirt and a couple tops or fall and some black slacks.
I will hit the outlets for some black flats, my current pair have always hurt a little and I can't take it anymore.  They were such a great deal and I figured they would break in but just isn't happening after all this time 3yr.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

prepping for work tomorrow

spent the evening trying to prep for subbing tomorrow.  I've done these classes before - one period has a wicked case of the squirmies when they have a sub - no matter how much work is left for them to do for the day.  And they are high schoolers - not little kids...I'll have to remember to hit the ladies room before they come in for the day.

I have dinner all planned to get dumped into the crockpot.  I have my wardrobe (what still fits) readyish  I hate that part.  I want to be comfy but look semi-professional but not wear heels.

My kids are ready for a quick departure in the morning - I hope - but now I feel like I have the start of a cold coming on....Praying that its allergies starting early - since the drought has caused some trees to start changing color.  Took my airborne and zicam anyway - just to be safe.

I have my laptop bag all set and ready to fly out the door with me in the morning. 

I did spend some goof off time tiday looking at pinterest at capsule wardrobes.  I could totally do that - if I chucked everything in my closet and started over with just the items on the list.  but it would make my life so easy.  Well if I hit lotto - after I buy a new car for hubby, - I'll do that. ha ha ha
I think the zicam makes me loopy

Monday, September 26, 2016

Envelopes & Closeted Frugalistas

Today was breakfast with a couple of moms from school - always good to see and hear what other parents are up to etc.  Well we are getting ready to pay our bill and one mom pulls out a stack of envelopes -  shes an enveloper!  she explained to us how it helps keep her on track. 
I felt like a closet frugalista - I wanted to tell her about the pattern I saw for sewing cute little envelopes that you can keep in your purse.  Maybe I will find some free time and whip up a few with my stash fabrics & rescued zippers for her. 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Big E Adventure

Hubby and I took Friday and went to the Big E in Springfield.  I went a couple years ago with the youngest while hubby and oldest had another activity.  Other than that I hadn't been since college and Hubby hadn't been since high school he figures.  We had never gone together.  
I think we can safely say we might not go back for several years.

Friday was a good day crowd wise.  It was busy but not a huge weekend mob. But honestly there are 2 large vendor buildings with the same vendors in each!  How many miracle steam mops and sham-wow or super veggie peelers does a person need?  

We actually didn't but a thing!  Other than some beers and food.  We had a nice time walking around and watching the high school band that played for the day  and hitting each state building but I can't help but wonder were we missing what all the hype is?  Or maybe we are more into small agriFairs.  Are we just too frugal to buy more gadgets that do what we already have gadgets for?

The 4-H building was well done though!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Lidil is coming!!!

soooo. If you read Frugal Queen you know she loves the deals at Lidil. (Another Aldi-Esque shop)
Well I heard all over the news that the store is looking to jump the pond and come to the east coast of the US!!!!!  Yay!!!!!
Hopefully one comes to CT and close to me so I can try it out

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

6 days?

Not dead!!  Just, kids, life, kids....

What are some fun things I've been up to?  
Finally did the bulletin board at church - it looks awesome!  Even if I say so myself.  
Getting some band fundraisers organized at school (necessary evil). 
Went to an all day Scrapbooking event for charity with my gal pals - totally fun and tiring but very needed for my mental health.
Searched Pinterest for loads of ideas on recipes and ways to make subbing days easier.
Weeded thru closet to see what clothes will work this year to teach in and I've decided I need to hit a good consignment shop for a few new to me pieces, weight isn't coming off so easily.  Next step is to wire my jaw shut - just kidding!
Went to goodwill to make a deposit
Almost made a goodwill purchase but decided not to without checking with hubby first - new to us counter stools/chairs.  Glad I didn't they might have been too high.  
Meetings in the evenings and laundry - 

That's it for the last 6 about you?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Body tired....brain not tired

Here is something fun....I'm physically tired, but my mind is racing and I'm still awake at 10:30....
All these random thoughts zipping around....
Call the orchard & see if cortlands are ready for picking, remember to pick up a gift for a shower this weekend, make sure to pick up items to update church bulletin board, all the random crap that individually on a normal nights sleep won't keep me up....tonight has decided to.

Yes I keep a notebook bedside to write these things down - mostly a preplan page for tomorrow's coffee....

View from the podium

Called in today to sub. It's a planning period now. I like these since it gives me a minute to look over what the next class has to work on. They need to study quietly for a text next week - and I have to tell them no-devices. This was a problem last year - somehow the kids have adopted the "there's a sub so we can goof off for the day" attitude. I had a big chunk of these kids last year While subbing and they were a tough bunch - but bright - I guess getting a sub is boring.   That's ok. I'm not the one who has to take the text next week and this group will complain they didn't get enough notice of the test. 6 days is pretty generous If you ask me. All are bright just need to apply themselves for 42 minutes and read the material quietly. The only distraction is the chirping birds outside the windows and the blue sky. But if I pull the shades then the airflow will stop and they will all start sleeping - or faint from the heat

Sunday, September 11, 2016

back at it...gearing up for the week

I would love to say I have a fridge full of healthy dinners ready for the upcoming week - but I don't.

I do have all the washing done, folded/put away though!  That's big.....

I do have an idea of what I would like to cook this week - that's a plus for me

I have my list for shop-rite all ready. 

while at church today I was asked if I would be updating the bulletin board for one of the youth groups, its really for information but some of the choir thinks it needs spiffing up.  Guess I'm adding that to my list of things to accomplish on Monday now.  And I have to say I'm a little grumpy about it.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

my OFF GRID experiment

This week I've been quiet - I did a little going OFF the GRID Experiment.  I kinda checked out from the blogosphere and social media Monday - Friday - it was hard but I was totally swamped with other stuff, between kids school, fundraiser planning, evening meetings, trying to find a way for me to schedule getting back to school for this graduate certificate, housework, family needs.....and dealing with the devil that is Comcast.  Our high speed internet we pay for is only working in one room of the house all the sudden - the room the modem is in - which is fine for tv viewing but not for the kids trying to get their homework done in their rooms at the other end of the house, me trying to use my tablet for anything other than playing solitaire.  Hubby has been able to get his work computer to work with good speed but only because he is in the office with the modem and the ancient desktop is fine.  Comcast says its our house design not their sister's boyfriend says that they're (full of it. (insert your own it).  So dealing with them has been a HUGE TIME SUCK this week too.

What did I learn in my experiment?? I need my faster internet for my sanity.  I need to check the newspaper headlines and read what everyone it up to on their blogs so I don't feel like I'm the only person in the world who tracks what they spend and how to find a good deal to keep $$ in my pocket.  And I need it to find yummy recipes for this diet...If I'm going to succeed. 

The DIET Update:  So far I've lost 2#s  which is awesome since it was fair weekend last weekend and I ate lots of fair food - LOTS.  But, its the only local fair of the year for me and I didn't go as hog-wild as I usually do.  I'm like a boa constrictor with fair food - I will eat a lot of it and it holds me for a year.

I'm getting used to subbing out a meal with a shake - not the super pricey one....the GNC Lean ones.  Here are my tricks....
  • Add 1/2 a banana (helps with texture and gets some fruit in you)
  • Add some crushed ice (helps keep it more milkshake like)
  • Add 1 tsp Hershey powder (I really like things chocolatey)
  • 1/2 banana, 1 tbsp. peanut butter and 1 tsp Hershey powder added makes a really yummy treat!
  • Use unsweetened vanilla almond or almond/coconut or coconut milk (yes it adds some fat but helps with the creaminess)
  • Vanilla is good if you plan on adding about 1 cup of fruit (use water to mix)
I finally tried the RAW Fit marley coffee flavored pouch I bought for $4.99 (ouch)  Its a vegan one so I thought it would be better since I never had luck with the whey ones before.  GAG!!!!  Its was like drinking a coffee flavored sand smoothy.  the taste was ok - it was the texture that sent me over the edge.  So....I will be sticking with the GNC Lean chocolate whey or chocolate vegan and the natural vanilla whey.  Good thing they were B1G1 last week....

Saturday, September 3, 2016

I'm a little bummed out this morning.  A couple weeks ago I bought a 4 pack of Lacura ladies razors at Aldi .  They are similar in look/design to the name brand I've been using but only 2.99!  Super happy since that almost $6 cheaper than the name brand ones at target -who's up and up brand wasn't bad for a substitute razor

They only look similar....definately don't perform the same.  I'm not a hairy person  but like to shave every other day minimum.  The first razor out of the box was great for shave 1, adequate for shave 2 and terrible for shave 3....all in a week!  Nope, not gonna cut it (yes pun intended). Hoping the fresh one I used this morning is decent tomorrow/Monday and this was just an anomaly.

I hate that razors are soooo blasted expensive.  Never had luck with the dollar tree twin or triple blades either.

And I use a shaving cream with extra moisturizers since I tend to have dry skin normally.  (In the winter I use thick hand cream on my legs)

Friday, September 2, 2016

Back on the Budget Wagon

Today was the first trip of the month to the grocery store.  I only picked up items we ran out of since my last trip on Sunday.
School lunch fixin's and fruit & 2 hygiene products

I am keeping all (every single one) grocery receipts this month in an envelope in my purse to look over later in the month to see where my food budget goes off track.  Truthfully I probably won't look at it until the end of the month.  I've also told hubby that when he runs to the market at lunch to give me the receipts.  August was the month of eating out a lot and hitting the grocery store - somewhere there is a huge disconnect - either in what we are buying or remembering to take out of the freezer to cook.

Speaking of the freezer - this weekend will find me inventorying it again - it got out of control when the kids came home from their summer adventures and I need it back in control for  our budget and my diet.

diet review

Fall is a weird time to diet - but I have to....NONE of my pants fit!  I totally refuse to go buy new clothes in this bigger number that fits either.  I did hit goodwill this week and get a pair of khakis, so if I get called in to sub before stuff starts to fit comfortably again I won't have to wear a skirt every single day.  I used a coupon and it was on sunday so they only ended up costing me $4.  But still, I stepped on the scale this week and weigh what I did the day I delivered my youngest child!  NOT HAPPY!!  I spent the summer eating whatever the heck I wanted and however much and now I'm paying for it.

I have a friend on facebook who is a Beachbody coach - but, that system is more $$ than I want to shell out.  So I hit Pinterest and found lots of ways to try and do the 21 day fix without buying the measuring containers, book, exercise DVDs (which I never seem to do) and the Shakeology mix.

I traditionally stay away from weight loss shakes - but, this year with my goal to be up and showered and dressed to sub if I get called in on the drive to drop off the kids - I have to  have something in the car for my breakfast.  So....I'm doing meal replacement shakes.  Not Shakeology because its just toooooo expensive for me.  I have bought several to try, figuring the price for the sample package is more per serving than if I got the tub, but....less if I don't like the flavor - then I'm not stuck with something that may taste yucky to me.

I hit my local GNC after doing tons of reading online. and bought 4 pouches to try out.

1 chocolate GNC Lean Shake (whey formula) and 1 chocolate Lean Shake (Vegan Formula)
mixed them with ice, water a tsp of Hershey powder (I love chocolate) and 1/2 a banana in the Ninja blender.  Both went down pretty good.  I like the vegan one since it has a little more fiber (pea protein) but it was a little granier in texture - not terrible though.  The Whey based one was more creamy though. 
1 Natural Vanilla GNC Lean Shake.  a real step into the wild for me since I usually dislike anything vanilla - except softserve ice cream.  I picked this since there was a smoothie I wanted to try that calls for vanilla protein powder....Its good and I'm trying to get it down now. 
1 C Mango chunks (mine were frozen), 1/2 banana, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (used the packet since it equals), 2 cups of baby spinach leaves, handful of ice (omitted since my mango was frozen), 1/3 C unsweetened coconut milk (I used 2/3 c and 1/3 c water because it wasn't blending well)
Its tasty, a tad sweet, since the banana was really ripe - its also super foamy I think that's because I had to blend for so long.  Tweeks I will make for the next try are - 1.5 mango (thawed) , no banana, 1 scoop vanilla powder, 1 cup spinach and 1 cup water with a little ice.  May try frozen mixed berries as the fruit too.
I also have a pack of RAW Fit marley coffee flavor to try - a friend told me about this company - its really good vegan protein powder and this flavor is supposed to be awesome!  I figure with ice and a splash of unsweetened coconut milk for creaminess it might be like a coffee milk shake.

The nice thing is the GNC sample pouches come with a $5 off a canister coupon on the back - so I can see some savings if I go with that company.

The youngest child uses Pure Protien brand chocolate after practice during the school year - its not a meal replacement just a protein shake - but it has as much protein as the meal replacements, so I may try the banana and cocoa powder with ice trick to see how that goes for me -

I figure with this drink once a day - I won't fall over from hunger and then if I can eat in the program for the other meals I should - BETTER drop some of this weight.  along with using the elliptical & treadmill in the basement.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Midway thru Week 1

its hump day!

Midway through the first week of school - we have survived so was the toughest to get out of the house on time - we were all super tired.  Just 2 more days though. 

Both kids have had homework - Oldest has the lions share - but that's what happens when you sign up for honors and AP classes.  Youngest is settling in to freshman life.

One change I'm not sure for the better that the school made this year is the elimination of planners. 
They have always given the kids planners for assignments - talk in the office was they were expensive and not enough kids were using them correctly.  As a parent who now is in her 6th year there and a Franklin Covey/Filofax geek, I can say its because the kids were never taught how to properly use a planner.

sooooo, I've been trying out all kinds of homework apps on my phone.  Mostly because my youngest struggles with remembering to write down the assignment and then do the assignment.  Hopefully the phone app will help.....When the school changed from the old "online grade checking site" to the new the teachers stopped posting what was due when and the rubrics to projects - opting to hand out a sheet of paper...because they didn't care for the new site as much.  Needless to say Last year youngest struggled with assignments and deadlines  and since that was a super handy feature of the old grade system.   The struggle is real!

If my quest for a good homework app fails I will buy a planner for them both....just have to use them.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

"School is coming"...(Insert Ned Stark voice-over here)

Woohoo!  The return to normalcy - ie: routine is in sight - less than 24 hours away!!

Uniforms are ready for this week & new bottoms ordered (Old Navy had 40% off everything and free shipping over $50! - dear GodI hope they all fit!)
Shoes & Supplies are ready
Summer assignments are nearly done being typed up

Today I am working away at the usual laundry, grocery list making (lunches this week) and thinking of menu planning - eventhough this week will be what I like to call "Seat of our pants" cooking - because for some reason - we have a ton of month/summer end stuff and meetings coinciding with with start of school this year.

I also have started looking into getting a graduate certificate - which should help me secure a position at my kids school.  I honestly hope its possible - it would be online classes but if I decided to further persue a masters in education then those classes would transfer into it at the same location.  Hubby seems behind it - we just have to figure out the $$$ side of it and if the payout in the end would make financial sense. 

Hope you all have a great last August Sunday.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Shoe Shopping Win!

This morning had me doing some paperwork while the kids had their last late sleep in day. 
Once I got them up - it was off for haircuts and shoe shopping with the oldest. 
This time I hit the other Famous Footwear near me since I know this kiddos tastes and size range.  Totally struck gold!  picked up a pair of sneakers and loafers for under $75!  Combined!!  Last night's trip with youngest earned me enough points in their rewards program that I got a $15 off reward.  And the shoes were Buy 1 get one 50% off and I had a 15% off coupon on top of all that!  Oh yeah and its tax free week!  I feel like popping open a beer to celebrate!
Last year this kiddo couldn't find 1 pair of shoes under $75 that would work for picky tastes - maybe tastes change or maybe kiddo is getting more mature and seeing that comfort can be had at a modest price tag.  The red sale sticker isn't a kiss of death afterall.

Next up - Uniforms slacks.....I always wait until the last minute on this one - mostly because my kiddos only grow in the legs and feet

Aldi & back to school prep

We've been hard at it today.  Kiddos are finishing up the summer reading assignments for classes to start next week.  Youngest and I went shoe shopping.  Loved using the Buy 1 get one 50% off at a Famous Footwear. And they let me use the extra 15% off coupon at the outlets!  Top it off eith not having to pay sales tax - I'm a happy camper!

Quick run to ShopRite and picked up the notebooks kiddos needed....(no matter how I try I cannot convince them 5 70 page notebooks from Staples at $.17/ea is a better deal than 1 5 subject notebook.  Oh well. The 1 subjects are the go to supplement plan when the 5 subjects run out.

Stopped at Aldi again this week - since I was nearby one (next Monday will be my last trip for a while). I had in my head to only spend $20.  Actually spent $36!
Stocked up on a tub of honey wheat pretzel sticks, 2 bags of chocolate chips, romaine hearts, mini cucumbers, peanut butter filled pretzels, protien granola bars for school lunches 5# jasmine rice, and 2 bags of ciabatta rolls for the freezer.  The pretzel things are stashed away for school lunches/snacks with the granola bars.

Tomorrow us shoe shopping with the other kiddo, haircuts for both, and a quick stop to Walmart for a couple of items not at Aldi or on sale cheaper at ShopRite.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tax Free Week Begins!

This is one of my favorite weeks to shop - not because of the crowds....but because I get to not pay sales tax on clothing purchases!  Sounds cheap but really it's a tiny bit vengeful on my part.  Our state is not good at managing the tax dollars they get from, gas tax, sales tax and income tax.  Our govenor & his buddies are just a mess in Hartford.
So not paying sales tax on stuff my family needs to wear makes me smile. Underclothes, socks, shoes & school uniforms for the kiddos.  A few new items and sneakers for hubby and I are in the list too.

I wish that school supplies like notebooks were too.

Change is Good!

Changing stuff up -
In anticipation of fall I've changed up the look of the blog.....going for a more autumnal theme & color....
Something a little more peaceful, calm and honestly easier to load on my mobile devices which is where most of the posting is done from....
Hope its not going to freak out or put to sleep anyone. 
Have a wonderful Sunday and happy bargain hunting!!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Product formulas

this is about deoderant/antiperspirant in other words stink-no-more-stick

Who gets annoyed when this product doesn't work?  ME!
Who gets annoyed but residue on clothes (stains/white line)?  ME!

Well I'm not sure about this...and it maybe TMI so read at your own risk....

A few months ago, unhappy with the performance of my current 'pit stick' I ventured back to the world of roll-on.  I seriously went back in time.  I started out easily enough,  I had gotten a can of degree spray (thanks Sluggy) free in the mail for answering a survey. I liked the cool feeling but the vapor cloud was tough for my to breathe though.  Undeterred and motivated I picked up a bottle of suave roll on in powder fresh.  Used it once or twice and was reminded of the wetness...but it didn't sting freshly shaved skin, YAY!  So because I hate to waste things I stuck it in my travel bag and forgot about it, until one late spring morning, when I turned the dial on my trusty name brand solid stick and the solid collapsed.  The container must have been dropped or knocked off the counter by the hair dryer cord to many times.  Because I was on the hunt for a more effective formula (no stinkies) I didn't have a backup in stock. Other than the can of degree spray, but I did have the roll on - which had become my travel deoderant.  I used it and was surprised - I liked it.

Fast forward to now, I have tried other brands of roll on.  Dry Idea has a no marks version and it keeps me stank free and confident for tank tops!

Maybe going old school is the key here!  I'm actually going to switch over the eldest child this week to see if it's more effective for him - his undershirts last year were stained yellow and a couple uniforms too!  And this kiddo showers at least 2X daily.

Here is what I've learned:

  • My shirts don't have white waxy build up in the pits area (from my hearty application of stick)
  • For me, these roll on types seem to keep the stankiness at bay.  Today I was outside working from 8-4 came in super sweaty and gave my shirt the whiff test - it wasn't roses, but it wasn't a total sour stankfest either.  
  • My underarm skin isn't irritated & sore/itchy (even though the active ingredient is the same in solid and roll-on)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Price book update

It's that time again....
I need to update my price book - trying to think if an easier way, I was using a small notebook - but it was getting easy to fall behind in updating.   I wish there was an app out there....
Anyone have any ideas?

Busy busy busy

So I'm kinda a sloth about posting in the last week.  My apologies!  I've been busy with stuff.  Some personal, some friends, some family and lots of shopping. 

Personal:  Olympics watching and I injured my pinky toenail - lets just say it's something I do every year and I wonder why I don't just have the nail removed because for the next couple months it will catch on everything and me bring such a wuss and squeamish it will make me nutty on a daily basis.

Friends:  some friends from high school were in town and I hadn't seen them in more than 20 years - so I spent dome catchup time face to face.  

Family:  medical appointment, driving to activities, usual mom stuff.  But it's amazing how much time it takes!

Shopping:  well there was my stop at IKEA where I only bought cinnamon rolls last week.  Monday night I hit Aldi and dropped $56, shop rite and dropped $28, yesterday was BJs and I only spent $43 because I had a $40 rewards evoucher and 2 coupons.  Hubby stopped Monday at the market near his office and picked up some stuff.  I think until I hit Aldi next Monday - we are done!  I cud pick up 4 cartons of the Aldi premium OJ. Hubby didn't know it was on my list and bought 2 minute aid bottles since they were on sale.  Don't worry - I told the kids they are not getting any more for 3 weeks so make it last!  

I do have to do the dreaded school shopping - maybe I will try to do a little tomorrow afternoon....

Friday, August 12, 2016

Aldi successes

So, some of the new to us products we have tried the last 2 weeks from Aldi....and some not so new but they needed to make the list...
The very good, the good and the meh...

Very good :
their version of premium OJ in a carton....yum!
Quick cook brown rice - worth the price....tasty and ready in 15 minutes - winner
Millville Corn "Chex". Yum.
Fit & Active red berry vitality cereal (think special k). Family loved it
Semi sweet chocolate chips - as good as nestle and 1/2 the price
Clancy low salt wavy chips - 1/2 the price of lays version - just as tasty - these could be the substitute chip
Ciabatta rolls - love the price!

The good:
Carlini "Pam" spray
The bananas - although they were green they moved to spotty in 4 days - but tasty
The baby cukes - little English cukes!  Love them!!  $.99/pound
Sharp cheddar block cheese - tasty and good texture

The meh :
Their version of shredded Parmesan cheese (like Kraft). It's ok....I'll stick with BJs brand for now....
Their white bread - it was on sale for $.45/loaf this week....didn't really care for it.  For the few loafs of white bread we buy a year I'll stick with freihoffer outlet.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

"Slap your mama good chicken"

Oh yum!  Yesterday I made a rotisserie chicken in the crockpot. It was the best one yet!  As the title says so good you'll slap your mama!
I did it a bit different this time so it's now a keeper
I used regular paprika rather than smoked paprika
Didn't rub it down with olive oil before...just rinsed & patted dry with paper towels then rubbed the spice mix (paprika, salt, fine round pepper, onion powder & garlic powder) with a little sprinkle inside (like 1/8 tsp)
Then I placed 2 ribs of celery and 1/2 large onion in the bottom of the crockpot and placed the chicken on added water.   Low for 6 hours.  It fell off the bones!
I took the rich brown stock after straining and made a quick gravy.
We ate the whole thing!  Usually I can get 2 meals from a 6ish pound bird. Last night we couldn't stop.

Also tried it with the Aldi quick cook brown rice....will buy that again!  Tasty & fast!!  Oh and we steamed broccoli and cucumber slices.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Aldi Run

Trip 1 for the week had me in new haven.  I planned ahead took the cooler and ice blocks and hit Aldi with a list.  Picked up 3 cartons on OJ the not from concentrate kind.  Hope the kids like it - it's so much less $ than Tropicana. Also 3 blocks of cheddar, 2 bags of ciabatta rolls, 2 bags of the mini cucumbers on special (16 oz for $.99), bananas, more chocolate chips, blue corn chips, organic type corn chips, sweet potato chips, low salt wavy chip, oyster crackers, tissues.  Not too bad $39.
I wanted blueberries but they were sold out.  Also wanted plain raw almonds and grape tomatoes but those were unavailable too. Skipped the muffin mix and bottled water today - pantry is ok for those items.

I was bummed out because I need vanilla low fat yogurt and all they had was Greek style, artificial sweetened or whole milk style.  Guess it's a trip to ShopRite for that.

Also hit Walmart for milk on my way back from a morning errand and dropped almost $17 on sliced ham, markdown Kaiser rolls ($1.39/6), milk, 8 small coconut yogurts, I know!  Could have done better at ShopRite. Not in my planned driving area this week.

We are trying the Aldi cihips - I don't like them eating them so much...both because they're not very nutritious but also they get expensive!!  Hopefully these will last until school starts.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Busy week ahead....plan needed

its beginning!  The lazyish summer is coming yo an end and the busy school year coming!  2 separate days of appointments in NHaven means I better get a plan together fast.
But, this is a good thing.
One takes me near Aldi!  My list is made
OJ, ciabatta rolls, block cheese, cukes, blueberries & grape tomatoes, yogurts, bottled water, muffin mix. You can bet I'm remembering to take my cooler and ice blocks with me.
The other day has me near IKEA  - told the kids we may make a stop I want to look at something in person and get some cinnamon rolls.

Other than that I'm anticipating a week of cracking the summer reading whip & bedroom cleaning with the kids - I like their rooms really clean and organized for the start of the school year.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Super cheap Supper

hubby came home on Thursday with boneless beef short ribs.  I cooked them in the crockpot today.  He goes to work Monday with instructions to get more if they're on sale still.
Huge success!  Super simple, yummy
This is the recipie I used....

Crock Pot Boneless Beef Short Ribs (4 servings)
  • 2 to 2 1/2 lbs boneless beef short ribs
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • 1/4 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup red wine
  • 1 large onion, chopped (about 1 cup)
  • 1 cup beef broth
  • 1/4 cup red wine vinegar
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 3 cloves garlic, crushed
  • 1 teaspoon chili powder
2 tablespoons cornstarch, to thicken the sauce after cooking

Dredge them in flour, salt & pepper, brown in oil - transfer to crockpot.  Deglaze pan with wine pour that in the crockpot.  Add everything else. Cook on low 6-8 hours.  All done!

I've started to buy wine for sipping and cooking in the little bottles.  It works out the same, but if it's just our family, I'm the only wine goes bad before I finish it.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Preparing for rough weather - part 4. Cleaning

This one will seem reall oddball to you all I'm sure.  Since you have food, water, light, heat & hatches are battened down.  You won't be running to the store right?
This is when you can tidy up for potential power loss. Or reduced power.

  1. Wash all laundry!  Why go into a power outage especially if the news says it's likely to happen with dirty laundry.  Did it before Hurricane Sandy and was thankful I did.  A week of limited power, meant no laundry got washed.
  2. Change all sheets (after a stressful day or 2 with no power it helps to sleep better)
  3. Know where your extra blankets are - it might get cold at night.
  4. Vacume & mop your floors - it will make it seem less awful/gross if you do lose power
  5. Scrub the bathrooms - especially toilets (reduced flushing will make cleaning tough enough)
  6. Fire up the crock-pot for easily reheat meals - go for comfort foods
  7. Be sure you have decent paper goods, saves washing up.
  8. Consider assigning each person a cup for the day, it will help with washing up.  Break out the solo cups and sharpies.  
  9. Wash and prep any fresh veggies you have.  Saving you time and you'll use them first that way
  10. Run the dishwasher before the storm hits.  

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Preparing for rough weather - batten down the hatches!

So you have a way to see in the dark, foods to eat and water to drink and hygiene  all stocked up and waiting for the storm to hit.  Time to protect your property.
Luckily thanks to the news and weather channel, you really must live under a rock to be caught off guard by an Atlantic based storm.  Use all available helpers living with you.  This can take a couple hours if not a whole day or two depending on how helpful the helpers are.

  1. Get the lawn furniture stowed away
  2. Bikes and outdoor toys - put them away!
  3. Clean up the yard as much as you can.  Remember it it can get blown over it can get blown into a window.  
  4. Make sure your gutters are cleared.  
  5. We store the rolling trash barrels in the garage if there is going to be a hurricane or blizzard.  I don't want it blowing over but dont want it piling up in the house either.  
  6. While you're at it, take a tarp and some rope and wrap your woodpile - late season hurricanes bring cold and rain - wet wood sucks
  7. If you have wood shutters for Windows use them.  Or install if you need to.  If not tape your window glass, we use painter tape.  Never had a window break but why take the chance.  
  8. If you have a generator, make sure you have new fuel and that the generator is functioning properly.  
  9. Have your basic tools close at hand, and the shovel, loppers, bow saw, & rake
  10. Stock up on leather work gloves, rubber gloves and heavy duty trash bags. 
  11. Tuck your bbq grill and gas or charcoal somewhere safe but easily accessible in case your cooking plans include it. 
  12. Get some cash at the bank - you can always put it back in.  
  13. Make sure you have a weather radio (I like the Eton crank ones from llbean)
  14. Charge up the cell phone!  Maybe invest in a rechargeable battery pack 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

3-ish weeks left

I can't believe school starts in 3ish weeks!  I have to get a few things accomplished before then....

  1. Order textbook/workbooks from Amazon
  2. Double check uniform needs & buy accordingly
  3. School shoe shopping - come on sale cycles: babies need new shoes!
  4. Notebook shopping (over bought last year and didn't return because there were some amazing deals, which was good second semester when new ones were needed) minimal needs this fall.
  5. Bedroom study areas need to be cleaned and re-established pronto!  Success is the only option
  6. Looking into a Disney circle to curb phone/web usage when homework should be done and sleeping should happen (a problem here with teens)

Hoped to cross a few items off my list today, the no travel one would be nice to cross off.

Aldi run :-)

Youngest had a thing today that took a few hours, so I popped up the Aldi app to see if there was one nearby while I waited. We needed a few things and I'm going to bite the bullet and try the 21Day Fix diet and exercise.  There are loads of stuff on Pinterest and complete shopping lists meal plans for Aldi shoppers too.  (Not doing the shakeology drinks, don't care for protein shakes and that kind is too expensive for me - I'm searching for a palatable alternative)

Anyhow....I found an Aldi and did a bit of shopping....$59 worth.  Mostly restock stuff.
3 bags of sugar (1.69/4#)
1 box stevia packets (21 day fix)
1 canister quick cook steel cut oats (fridge oatmeal jars)
3 bags mini chocolate chips (school muffin season is coming)
2 boxes baking soda
1 Baking powder
Bag of raw almonds (cheaper at BJs - now I know - but need them today)
Quick cook brown rice (hoping it will help us make the switch)
1 bag of ciabatta rolls (hoping they're good)
2 bottles teriyaki marinade
2 cans Goya coconut milk (for pumpkin soup). Good price too
Jif peanut butter packs (lunch boxes) 8/$2.19
Avocado, cucumber & lettuce
Box of cold cereal (peanut butter chocolate balls)

I didn't get anything perishable since I didn't gave a cooler for it.

For an urban Aldi it was remarkably well stocked and tidy (there are 2 I've been to that aren't too neat).  It was busy too 3 registers going!

We also had an article in the local paper that an Aldi is looking to buy the old bowling alley in a closer town and put in a store - I hope try do & succeed. The property is sort of across the road from a Stop & Shop and that company is known for buying properties to eliminate other groceries from going in.  I understand the business reasons behind it - but they then drive up the prices where they have a lock on the market.  I live between 2 shoreline ones and one where they're the only grocery store in town is always 10-20 cents more on most items than the one in the town with 1 store in competition.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Preparing for rough weather -part 2 - food/water

Time for part 2 of my get ready for hurricane season.  Food & water!

Make sure you have food that is shelf stable and a way to cook it.  Practice cooking a meal using no oven or microwave.  It can be done.

I'm lucky, I gave a gas cooktop instead of an electric range.  I do have an electric wall oven though - so roasting or baking is out for me.  If I fire up the generator it's to keep the well pump and freezer going.

Long term power outage?  Grocery shortages?  How to make your ow bread with no oven or power?  Look into a Dutch oven - those cast iron things...try to locate one at a tag or church sale....or bite the bullet and buy a lodge brand one (cabelas, Walmart). They last just about forever if cared for properly.  I have biscuit making from scratch down in one of those, corn bread too.  I know someone who can even bake loaf bread in one - we are happy with biscuits and cornbread for now....

If you don't have a camp stove (propane or Coleman fuel) I reccomend one. If you've never used one and have to buy one new- Go for propane.  I'm pretty experienced with both but get nervous with Coleman fuel.  Another good option is a butane stove (they look like a hot plate with a cylinder for the gas). They are a little more pricey but are a stable single burner option.

Going back to hussicane sandy....I knew there would be a substantial power outage. Rather than panicking about bread and milk I pulled out meat in the freezer, thawed it and fired up the crock pots.  I had a huge vat of meat sauce and white chicken chili going and done before the power went out.  I even froze a couple quarts of each.  I can reheat those on the gas cooktop.  I also cooked a pound of pasta super al dents in case in the fridge.  I did stock up on bread at the grocery store but not deli meats....peanut butter doesn't spoil.  We survived.  Because of the generator we didn't lose the freezers, but before the storm we consolidated what we could to the chest freezer bringing up smaller faster thawing items to the kitchen freezer to get used first just in case.

Of course you should have plenty of canned and no cook items on hand.

plan on 1 gallon per person/day minimum!  I hate to admit it but we have a few gallons of water from the grocery store on hand at all times.  When I know there is a hurricane coming or any bad weather, we fill the bathtub (I will use pool water to flush with though). I also have 2 5gallon drink cooler jugs that get filled 1 for kitchen use and 1 in reserve, and 2 1.5 gallon ones that are for the bathroom sinks (hygiene use).

Without power you may need to bucket flush, the bathtub can hold water for that.  Or if you have a generator use, put a bucket in while you shower to collect rinse and extra water....the toilet doesn't care if there's some shampoo in it.

If you feel like keeping small bottles of water on hand, stock up and rotate them through before the words weather alert are uttered on the news.  Watch sales!

Friday, July 29, 2016


Thank Goodness It's Raining!

Nothing better than waking up to the steady sound of rain - it's been so awfully dry here I can't complain.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Prepare for rough weather Part 1 -lighting

It's almost August....we are having a very dry summer....we are in hurricane season.
Now is the time for me to remind everyone it's time yo be sure you have a rough weather plan.  Not very long ago (in the last 5 years) we had serious hurricanes, freakish snowmageddon blizzard & bad ice storms.  I've decided to write a budget friendly series yo help folks prepare....nothing earth shattering or so new just reminders and cheap hints.

Today's theme is light!

I get the ocean state job lot flyers & coupons emailed go me.  Good deal this week I see are the led lanterns.  Coleman!  The LED bulbs sip battery power compared to the other kind of bulbs in the past.

Good end of summer purchase if you haven't already listened to me are the solar stake lights.  They aren't exceptionally bright but....when hurricane Sandy hit I got ours out of the garage & camping equipment and made sure they were charged up.  They make great night lights.  Stick one in the bathroom, end of the hallway - wherever you like.  By the time the sun starts to come up they're ready for recharge but a comfort when there is no power on your street.

Take stock of your batteries and flashlights.  Have the right size for what you need.  Place a small flashlight in every bedside table drawer.  I use the freebie trade show ones.   Here is a counter intuitive trick.....don't store batteries in the flashlight for a long term storage. The batteries will leak - it will ruin your flashlight.  Rubber and them to the light or only store 1 rubber banded to the outside of the light,  you can pop it in when you need to.  (We use led maglights and after losing a few non-led maglights we learned that expensive lesson)

Consider a headlamp for each person - we bought dome nice ones at Walmart for under $10.  LED And they use aaa batteries!  You can wear it or hold it-very helpful

Candles - nice to have, watch your pets and small kids with them.  My family only uses them on flat sturdy surfaces like the dining table and mantle.  They are for non-task related lighting, no romantic images of homework or knitting by candlelight. They illuminate the table while we eat and keep us from bumping into stuff.  You get what you pay for with candles too.  I prefer the large jar type, no drips of wax plus any wax that is left over at the end can be melted by my youngest who makes fire starters with it as a hobby....  You can get the prayer candles in glass jars expensively at shop rite and dollar tree. It's never a bad idea to have a couple around.
Before hurricane sandy I had lots of used pillar & taper non-jar candles around waiting to be recycled, youngest and I gathered up the salsa jars I had (great for this) and melted the wax in a double boiler fashioned of a pot and metal coffee can with a spout pinched in it (now the wax pot). We poured waited a few minutes after melting for the wax to cool a little so the jars didn't shatter....using wicks from the craft store we had a 4 bizarrely colored vanilla-floral scented candles ready to go.  Be sure you have some matches or grill lighter too.
Always blow then out before leaving the house or going to bed!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sewing table adventure!

i think I've found a solution!

I was up late searching craigslist for a sewing table.  I've come across a solution, maybe...I have my sister the DIY Queen in the family evaluating my possible project....

See I have a front load bobbin machine and it's kinda a free arm machine in that respect, sometimes I use that.

Googling last night I came across a YouTube video called "redneck quilting table". I can't get the link here to work but the gist of it is you take rigid home insulation foam board sheets (in my case I would cut it to fit my existing 4x2 folding table.  Stack the foam boards and tick them together with some adhesive, trim out machine area with razor knife and then seal the cut edges.  Looks like they used duct tape.  I would probably wrap it in contact paper.  

I know those foam boards are around $12-15 so I could still guy my under $30 mark.  Then I could just store it in the corner until I need to sew.

Waiting go see what sister says

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Mend, make do or do with out

Feeling super proud of myself today....
Last night I mended a table cloth that we've had a while.  It's cotton jacquard type material.  I don't recall where it came from but it's been thru the washer more times than I can count, once it went in the whites load and the lovely deep green hues turned a shade of avocado - but it faded evenly so it lcontinues to be in the rotation.  (We go thru 2 a week minimum).

At some point I think someone (young child) wanted to test some scissors on the hem and whacked. Bit off.  I zigzagged that spot in haste and had to always remember  to put that spot on the spot where the empty chair is.  Well, since I had the house to myself and the table was clear....I took my trusty scissors and took it from the drying rack and whacked off the offending bit the full length of the  affected side. , turned, pinned and ran it thru the sewing machine!

Next on my list is to make some queen size pillow cases from an old full size top sheet.  We don't have full size beds and one kiddo has a tempur molded foam pillow.  We only have 2 queen size cases so I'm constantly either double casing it with regular ones.  I want this kiddo changing the case every other day at least because of some acne issues that are developing so recycled cases will work well to add to this stash for this bed. And they won't cost me a dime!

The quest for. Sewing table continues.  I e been eyeing a cabinet at goodwill - but I have portables and they're is no way to mount either in it - especially if I want to close the top of it.  So I've moved on to plan b. Find a rectangular table and create my own.  Trouble is I want it to be sturdy, cheap and look decent.  Which takes me back to the goodwill one.  My friend's husband said he could attach a shelf so my basic portable machine could sit flush with the table portion. I would just have to put it in each time.  That's the cheapest way at around $35-40.  I think having a level surface to sew with so fabric lies flatter as it feeds through will improve my skills and pleasure of sewing.

For now it's the dining room table until I figure out what's going on with this all.....I only have a couple months - we start costuming the school's December play in October. And there will be concert gowns to hem too - I really want to do that with the new blind hem foot I got rather than by hand this year.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Comcast sucks

what a bunch of crap.  I'm so irritated with Comcast and their service. Well lack of service.  We have no option of service in my area...
I wanted to watch something on HBO which I just ordered earlier this week to watch.  But I keep getting an unable to process request message. I called and was told sorry but no credit because there are other items to watch.

I really dislike the "choice" we have if we want cable, Internet and in my case phone since I bundle....

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Being careful with cash - Coupons!

i love a good coupon!  Yesterday I was at BJs and I had a 2.75 coupon for Clorox toilet cleaner.  Normally I but this stuff at Walmart or dollar tree and never Clorox brand since its $$y.
Well a '6pack' of the 24oz bottles was only 9.29 so still cheaper than Walmart/target....then the coupon I got them fir $1.09 ea!!  Score!!!

My other nice find is a big bag of fresh cauliflower florets for 3.99!  This bag weighs more than the head I bought last time at big y on sale for 4.99 - I have no idea why it's so expensive.

A friend of mine in town shared a great deal she got a dollar general lately.  She was able to stack a mfg coupon on top of a DG online/app coupon for Tide and paid less than $2!  I will be looking through my coupons and matching up what I can stack together for deals like that - there is a dollar general near the kids' school so I will be there when it works to my advantage you can bet!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

I'm back - hopefully in a better mood soon

Been so swamped busy - both physically and in my head....I couldn't post one positive thing last week I was in such a funk.

Everyone came home last weekend, it was great to have the house nice and clean to welcome them home.    They didn't care.  After a week it looks like a tornado went through.  The teens and hubby have stuff strewn all over the place in the common areas.  My clean kitchen is a thing of the past, dishes filling the sink, papers/mail all over the counters....piles everywhere.

I volunteered helping at a camp all week and returned home hot and tired from watching and working with little kids all day.  So to have to clean up after 3 capable people really sticks in my craw.

They all leave tomorrow for another week away.  I'm staying home and cleaning again.  Sadly most of the areas I had already deep cleaned, but the kid bedrooms are next and they are in for a rude surprise when they return home.

Hubs and I have been arguing about division of labor and how to deal with some other issues lately, so much so that I have started looking into brushing off my resume in earnest  - I am getting myself ready for life changes.  The first will be getting a job.  Subbing is great for flexibility but I need consistency.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Grocery changes

I've been really lucky the last 2 weeks - haven't had to do much shopping for groceries.  I've been out of milk since last Saturday but since I don't pug it in coffee, I've survived on yogurt and cheese and veggies that was here for my dairy/calcium.

Saturday I have a plan in place to hit the grocery store hard.  Need to stock up on some things.  Unfortunately they aren't on sale, but there are some things on sale I wasn't planning on getting so it won't be a total loss.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Holy Hotness Batman!

I am so thankful for AC!  Even if the central unit croaked - I know how to install our backup window unit in my bedroom so if I had to I would literally move in there with the pets (in their smaller cages) but we would be cool and more comfortable.

After a couple advils and cups of coffee I started another item on my list....mud room shelves!  
They aren't too awful - but it's July so I guess I should do the mitten/glove/hat sort and purge.  I've also made a trip to the vet for planned visit and  organized all the hotel size toiletries into a plastic 3drawer paper organizer a goodwill find at 2.99 {near habitat restore}, (9.99 at my local goodwill and 8.97 at Walmart). They were in a tote bag in my bathroom on the door a it was way to unorganized for me.

I love getting a bargain that helps us stay organized!

Overdid it - Owww!

Well I went overboard.  My back and shoulders are hurting for it too.  Way too much bending & reaching and twisting...but I Finished the under sink project!  Easier than I thought and it sounds dorky - but I'm very happy with the results.

I've also washed and polished all the wood cabinet doors and framework.  Looks amazing!

Today looks like a terribly hot one with poor air quality called for.  I'm going to stay inside as much as possible. - lights out & ceiling fans on to help the central air run as efficiently as possible.  I have laundry to wash but will wait until tonight.

Otherwise it's a frugal day planned - staying home and doing projects means not spending!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!  I'm feeling very independent today....I've changed the hinges all my myself!  And I took the glass shower doors off and washed them outside, super scrubbed down the tub & surround.  Tomorrow is under the kitchen sink day.  I will be sooo relieved when it's done.  I'm sick of deep cleaning & repair projects.  Haven't even gotten to the kids rooms scrub down yet  - I might only get their linens changed we will see.  As of today I'm exhausted.  But very independent!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Productive morning

I fell  asleep last night watching tv. This means I was up early because there was an annoying infomercial on...not a biggie.  I made the most of it - 2 cups of coffee in me by 9 am and a huge pasta salad made for a picnic later today and a roasted broccoli/quinoa salad in the fridge for my lunches / dinners during the week....and all my veggies prepped for the week!  Not only that but I've located the replacement hinges for the kitchen cabinets (brushed nickel rather than antique brass). And I have a plan in place to clean out under the kitchen sink later today....(there has been mouse activity - drat!)
The plan includes emptying and cleaning with Clorox bleach...and I'm going to tear out the contact paper that lines the wood base and am replacing with self stick floor tiles - hopefully it will be easier to clean if the mice return in the fall and hopefully hubby doesn't flip out that I'm putting them in.
I'm also going to install a couple of the little battery operated tap lights in there since it's usually very very dark and I don't like it.

I'm off to attempt cleaning the shower doors in the hall bathroom!  More once I accomplish more :-)

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Bread, habitat & price rite

This morning found me up earlier than I wanted and feeling iffy too.  But I had a volunteer meeting at 9 so I showered gulped a cuppa coffee and for out if the house.  

Meeting was quick and I grabbed an iced coffee and bagel twist as my fuel gor the rest of my errands

First stop was habitat restore - needed to take a poke around to make sure I wasn't missing anything stellar - nope not a thing....although there was a lovely old secretary but it's the space stayed at the store!  I did see they had a ton of spices in glass jars (like the ones in racks) $.25 each!  If I knew for sure I needed the jars or could repurpose them somehow I should have grabbed some - age on the spices is was unknown but they would have composted fine I'm sure.   They also had reuseable k-cup pods.  2/$.50.  I did buy one set of those.  Tried it when I hit home with some maxwell house and it worked better and cleaned up faster than the milita ones and there was no little filter to deal with.  These could be a $$ saver for me.  Although I really like my big y dark roast pods - these could help stretch them out.

Bread store was next.....picked up rolls and buns and dome Thomas' english muffins.  Why anyone would buy these at the grocery is beyond me - I paid 1.49 for them and the freeze great!  Also bought some dried minced onion and dried minced garlic.  $1 each but the garlic is tough to find for me.

Then to price rite: which was a flipping zoo!  Holiday weekend and early in the month.  Yikes it was busy.  But seedless watermelon was 3,99 each and I needed a few staples like white sugar, corn starch, chocolate chips (none to be found). Picked up some pasta salad fixings and got out of there!  Now home lunched and thinking a nap is in order....

Friday, July 1, 2016

Shampooed Carpet

I just couldn't stand it any longer.  The carpet under the dining table (living/dining combo room) with a kitchen that has a bar pass through....
Anyhow it's a rectangular rug under a rectangular table - the corner closest to the kitchen was been showing gray dirty stains....I vacume every other day or daily.....depending on the grime level.  Well it's not a $$ rig but we like it and it's still in decent shape and there are other more important things to spend money on.  So today I pull out the Hoover steam vac and get to work on it....moved the table in ancipation of this....vacuumed the carpet twice yesterday and this mornin.  Follow instructions on the bottle of cleaner to the letter. Guess what - grey parts still grey :-(

Didn't want to chance it with the Pinterest dawn and peroxide mixture...was afraid of stripping the colored bits out.  So I grabbed a scrub brush and bottle of Simple Green cleaner (original, concentrate) spritzed some in a little spot and scrubbed away like a crazy woman - rinsed with hot clean water and dried it with a few paper towels. It really worked!  Lots of the grime came up.
So I spritzed all the creamy /gray area (it's a border) and scrubbed and scrubbed....luckily the carpet was still damp from the First shampoo & rinse.  Then I rinsed it with plain hot water.

Looks so do so much better!!  

I wish I had covered the picnic table in the yard with plastic and laid the rug unside down on it then power washed it from the underside when we had the sunny, not too hot and dry days earlier in the month. I remember doing that to similar carpets growing up and they always turned out clean & fluffy.  When you use olefin that happens.  My mom use to just soak them with the hose and scrub with an amoinia water mix then rinse the hell out of hers.  

I'm thankful I keep a gallon of Simple Green on hand - it really cleZns a lot and doesn't small like pinesol.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Progress on projects

so far I have to admit my progress has been slim.

I've done well on eating foods that are here....

Sunday - ate leftovers, veggies/hummus & fruit.  Pretty much did nothing all day except unload the dishwasher and reload it.  Tried a batch of Pinterest toilet bombs - epic fail, in that they fizz and smell nice but I think mine were too wet so they kinda puffed up a lot.  I will skip doing that again. Oh and I watched a ton of law & order svu reruns.

Monday was leftovers and the veggies & hummus & fruits.  I did stop at the market for pet lettuce and yogurt for my desserts - of course 85% lean ground beef was on sale so I grabbed 2 2.75# packs for the freezer -great for browning for sauce or taco night.
Trip to feed store and haircut were included - I came home and was exhausted - but I had a meeting that evening so I rallied and off I went.

Tuesday lunch at a bakery in the town I grew up in with a high school friend who now lives cross country.  Quick stop to goodwill for a leisurely poke around....came home empty handed - I used amazing self control - there was a singer sewing machine in a super sturdy rolling cabinet marked down to $20!   I really want a cabinet table for one of my portable Brother machines but I had a tough time...couldn't figure out how to get the singer into the upright position - and if my portable can be mounted on that fold away bit and the other problem of the craft room clean out hasn't started - so how do I justify another piece of furniture when I have folding tables that work great.
Finally finished the leftovers -yay!

Wednesday - started the morning to yucky milk on the cereal - into the trash....yogurt & fruit it was.
I also made the quinoa & broccoli bites ala Pinterest - look them up not too bad.  Next time I'm going to add more cheese and some finely chopped sautéed onions though.  I could totally see why someone with toddlers would feed them to kids though.  Ate half the batch - I was super hungry.
Took down 2 kitchen doors that needed repair - now I can't find the proper bar clamps so I have to borrow a set from hubby's friend who will laugh and tell hubby.  Laundry and such was on the deck for the day too

Thursday : plans, folding laundry, go to Aldi and the habitat restore for a poke around (another place the kids and hubby don't understand) possibly a goodwill stop in another city...near Aldi
Quick stop to kohls to use a $15 rewards coupon