Monday, January 18, 2016

All the boring stuff

Has anyone ever noticed all the boring stuff that goes along daily with running a household on a budget?

Cleaning house yourself rather than having a lady come do it (Carol is excused here)
Cooking at home all the time rather than eating out
Organizing and washing clothes so you're not out getting brand new outfits all the time
Walking around checking thermostats haven't been fiddled with and lights haven't been left on in empty rooms
Coupon clipping and purging expired ones

It's not terribly exciting daily work....but it's better than the constant feeling of panic when you're behind the financial 8-ball.

And we do have so many more modern helps than our ancestors....most of us aren't having to fetch wood and water on a daily basis just to get the timpke things done.


  1. Absolutely. My "how I saved money this week" posts are pretty much those things you mentioned. It is a lot of daily work to stay on track, for sure.

  2. My cleaning ladies were here today, for the monthly (not weekly as many around me have)deep clean. In weeks 2 thru 4, we will still have to swiffer, vacuum, clean bathrooms, empty trash/recycling, clean cat boxes, etc. I did 3 loads of laundry with a 4th to run tonight. The kitchen is constantly being cleaned, I am constantly preparing food, planning the next day's menu as well. "Treated" the twins to take n bake pizza (still have plenty of grocery monies to get me to the end of the month) when I popped in to Aldi's for milk, AA batteries. Yes, boring but I am meeting my goals.