Sunday, January 3, 2016

Cost of keeping clean

The things we take for granted - This Sunday morning finds me at the laundromat. With my cup of coffee from home and my phone.
I truly don't know how folks with minimum incomes and living in places with no washer hookup do it.  I just washed 5 laundry baskets if clothes and it cost me 21.75!   And that's not even sheets - we have enough spares I'm waiting on the repair to wash those which are piling up...

 I'm drying a couple loads at home since our dryer is just fine. Most of our stuff is hung on racks downstairs anyway.

And that 21.75 is before I bought a little bit of Clorox because I didn't want to haul the jug or risk a container leaking in my car of Clorox from home. So really I'm out 22.75 so my family has clean clothes.

How are folks supposed to save for a basic washer when they spend almost $25 a week for clean clothes?


  1. One of my requirements when I moved out of my marital home, was my next housing HAD to have washer/dryer on premises. I have my physical limitations but it was also a matter of time, economics. I'll move again this Summer, and yes, w/d are on my list of must haves!

  2. That's crazy expensive! I haven't done laundry in a laundromat in a long time, but wow!

  3. I did not have a working washer for nine months. I had to go to bed after washing two loads of laundry. Finally, I could not get the clothes to the car or back into the house. Then, I did get a new machine. I put Clorox or vinegar in an old Coke or water bottle so I would not have to carry a huge jug of either. I could throw it away at the laundry. Actually, I only had to carry Clorox once.