Saturday, January 2, 2016

Goals & Challenges

I said I would be setting goals for the year - rather than making resolutions....

Goal 1:  daily smoothies.  
Weird one eh?  Well my goal is to do it.  I need to have breakfast everyday. Trouble is I'm in the car from 6:30-8 every morning - this means I either get up super early (before 5) to eat or wait until I get back from the morning run to school (not bad unless there are errands after drop off). 
I have frozen fruit on hand, I have the Ninja - I just need to find a combo that works for me.  So part of this goal will be to figure out some recipie a that taste good, use items usually on hand and keep me from being hungry enough to gnaw off my own arm until the next mealtime. 

Goal 2:  decluttering 10-15 items per week.  
Sounds like a lot?  Well I know the first few weeks it will be a breeze - it's as I go forward through the year that the challenge comes in. I also will update my progress weekly.

Goal 3:  artistic relaxing.
Carve out a couple hours once a week to do something creative & crafty I enjoy..  I have years of Scrapbooking I'm behind on & several sewing things to work on.


  1. I love these goals/challenges! Good luck on them all! And I may borrow the third one - I used to love to scrapbook but it ended up falling by the wayside over the past couple of years.

  2. I have tons of supplies - trying to use them up and cull the herd....