Wednesday, January 20, 2016

IGotta know about IBotta app

who has used the ibotta app?
What do you think?  How hard is it to get the payment?  Did you choose the gift card option?
 Looking for info....

I downloaded the app tonight....just wanna try it out


  1. I have been meaning to try it but haven't yet! If you want to pick the brain of an Ibotta expert, head over to Alison's blog at I believe she uses it with some success! Let us know how you do with it too!!! =)

  2. I have always received my funds from Ibotta and saving star. Great apps they've helped me save even more money this time I'm letting the funds think I might have between the 2/50 dollars saved right now. Checkout 51only $20 and I need 25 more sense. LOL

  3. Ibotta is awesome. I get the payment sent to my paypal account and then transfer to my savings. It usually takes 10 minutes to get the money. Since last May I have earned $324. Any other questions let me know.

  4. I tried to verify my purchases at big y and it's not letting me :-|. So far not happy....what the heck am I doing wrong? ms Sandie!!

    1. Just saw this, will try to help later tonight

  5. I got it to work :-). Thanks Sandie - I'm just impatient.....

  6. It is ok. Big Y you shouldnt need to do anything as long as you registered your big y card.