Friday, January 15, 2016

Pantry update

After putting away all my can can stock up items, I've decided it's full.  I have the 3 months of food on hand.  Well except for protien (meat) although we probably have enough....the only thing we are low on is pasta and frozen veggies.   Weird huh?  That's ok because I need to hit BJs and stock up on dishwasher tabs, TP, paper towels and bar soap but I have coupons for all!


  1. Three months?!? That's great!! While I don't know how long my food would last, I do know that the cupboards and fridge/freezer are pretty stocked up at the moment. I see the Can Can sale is going on this week too so I will take a look through the flyer....but I am going to be picky as to if there are any deals that I decide to stock up on. Hopefully there is a good soda sale since my youngest daughter had friends over yesterday and they drank almost TWO FULL CASES!!! Geesh! =)

  2. I'm hoping its 3 months. I've friends that don't have more than a week or 2 worth of food in the house - it's always a panic when The parents has a busy week or someone gets sick and can't get to the store. I figure it might be cereal or tuna on crackers and soup - but there's something in my pantry the kids can make for themselves in a pinch