Saturday, January 9, 2016


im not normally a lottery ticked buyer.....this week was an exception.  I had to get in on this big drawing, so I did.  Not a lot in. Just 5 quick pics with the multiplier.....fingers crossed.  I don't need to win the whole enchilada - my $15 investment back would be fine -  not that I'd complain if it were more!

Good luck if you're playing!


  1. We didn't buy tickets this week. BUT you can bet we will buy a couple now!

  2. Woo boo, we hit 3 numbers on one ticket. So I covered the investment....definately getting more for this week !

  3. I knew I would be in Argentina on 13th Jan so that I had to get the tickets beforehand as I wouldn't forgive myself missing that draw. Luckily I came across Icelotto review They offer tickets for a number of draws in advance. I opted for the 4 consecutive raffles. Although I hardly covered the investment I know I did not miss the chance. Hope we'll be luckier next time.