Sunday, January 24, 2016

Productive snowstorm

yesterday was productive enough for me.   Visited s friend in the am before it started to snow in earnest.  Got all the washing done....still need to fold, but that's what I will work on during Downton Abbey and Mercy Street tonight.  I also went through the youngest's closet callings and selected the best for consignment/direct sale and took photos.  Trying to decide if I sell as lots of like items or by piece.  Storage is a premium, but the extra $$ will get put back into current wardrobe needs for this growing teen.

I've got 15 bean soup cooking away in the crockpot (with kielbasa). Dinner will be soup and biscuits. Or they can eat cereal because I'm not cooking more than one meal.

Seriously going hi talk to the kids about filling out paperwork and writing essays for scholarship applications that are due March 1.  They need to get these done since there will be 2 of them in the HS and the tuition will be increasing again for next year. Our public school is not an option for so many many valid reasons it's sad.  The youngest did apply to a magnet which would make the checkbook happier if the entrance lottery goes  in our favor - we don't know that until the end of next week though.

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