Friday, January 8, 2016

Smoothie update

this is frugal....I promise!  Our kids nearly killed my little HBeach 400 watt blender from 25 years ago making smoothies, hubs and I got a ninja system with a 1500 watt motor for a family Christmas gift.  It's much faster and just pulverized stuff making for very smooth smoothies without the fair aroma of electrical motor failure.

This week I've been making smoothies because I'm trying to eat healthier on the go (donuts are yummy but we're starting to catch up with me).

This week I've done the following blends.  I use plain Greek whole milk yogurt (the fat in it makes it taste more satisfying) and all fruits except citrus, bananas and apples are frozen - all are items we regularly gave in the pantry, most frozen fruits are frozen by me, or from DT/ALDI/Sale

  1. OJ, spinach, mango, .5c yogurt, fresh ginger, fresh banana 2tbs plain wheat germ - felt healthy but the wheat germ weirded out the texture and taste
  2. OJ , spinach, mango, .5c yogurt, fresh ginger, fresh banana -MUCH better!!  New time less banana & more mango
  3. Skim milk, .5c yogurt, mixed berries, splash of agave syrup (lurking) - basically good 
  4. Skim milk, .5c yogurt, mixed berries, agave, 1 pack of plain instant oatmeal (1/3 c), splash of vanilla extract - grittier & oat mealy flavor - not unpleasant though.  Filling!  
  5. Skim milk, 1 scoop (scant 1/3 c) designer whey chocolate powder (skinny kid request), 2tbs  peanut butter powder, crushed ice - nice treat  almost like drinking a diet Reece's cup - but no fruit because we ran out of bananas.  Maybe with oatmeal and banana I could call it a meal/hearty snack or I could just drink a chocolate milk and eat a banana.  I'll probably reserve this as a kid snack.  

I have to say - so far # 2 is the  tastiest.  With #3 being next - but couldn't drink it every day without getting bored.

As I come up with others I'll let you know.

I'm on the hunt for a gazpacho I can whip together fast and keep in the fridge - it's my favorite snack.....please share your recipes in the comments

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