Sunday, February 28, 2016

Gearing up for week 2

This is quick....I survived the first week subbing and am gearing up for week 2.
I wrapped up last week and went off on a girls weekend with friends that we planned last fall.

Over all I did well last week, even though I had something every night meeting wise and then there was the usual household management stuff.

No aim going unpack, get clothes ready for Toreros and hit the hay fast

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Busy break

As usual, it's Sunday night and oldest teen is burning the soon to be midnight oil to finish homework (only had a week to get it done).  This year I thought there would be more responsibility - NOPE!  Even after sitting down on Sunday morning and drawing up a plan to work on the stuff a little each day...

Our school participates in this national history day nonsense - think science fair for history.  Kids have had months to father the research, but only just got the presentation rubric the week before break.
Add to it an English term paper 3 pages minimum, a foreign language assignment (write a blog in another Language with an assigned partner, of course the one my kid gets assigned to is off on a cruise for the break so no collaboration possible.  Also that kiddo doesn't have a good reputation for carrying their fair share - good thing my kid can document work done so far and has emailed the teacher about the difficulties encountered).  And tonight at 9:30 suddenly remembers that there is chemistry work and an instrument that needs cleaning!  Frigging teens!!!!

The 'schedule' was a foolish exercise because it wasn't stuck to except by me - who would use it to double check on progress (nagging as the teen involved calls it)

All this and I I was supposed to accomplish the following this week:
Practice driving with said teen - didn't happen
Shop for school teaching clothes (halfway done)
Prepare for subbing - meal plan, pack for my weekend away with the girls, groceries
Organize my crafting stuff for the weekend

Catchup on laundry was the only thing accolplished (insert frowney face)

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Thrift shopping woes

today I took a big bag of clothes the kids have outgrown to goodwill - I also took the opportunity to poke around.  Came out with an old Kodak brownie (gift for a collector) a blue blouse for myself and a dark teal dressier T for myself.    One shirt was $4.99 and the other was the color of the day so it was $2.50.  Not bad.  I normally don't look at shoes at goodwill/consignment because I have a weird Hangup  about used shoes....but today I did. There was a pair of riding style boots in my size - they had been worn a few times, but in decent shape - I passed on them because they wanted $35 for them!

The upscale consignment shop in the next town could charge that - but they only accept worn once/never worn shoes of name brands (coach, bandolino, etc). These were a no name boot and not all leather.

They had a pair if worn (nearly worn out) Dansko clogs for $65.  I wear clogs all the time and I would have tossed them in the trash they were that beat up.

I get Goodwill has to cover overhead - and I've said it before - sometimes they have their prices just way too high.

Next donation of outgrown clothes goes to Salvation Army - they will give stuff to those in need if they bring the voucher.  It's just worth the extra drive for me.  Today sealed it

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I Heart Digital Coupons

I love love love the ShopRite app!  It has digital coupons that load go my loyalty card (I have to select the ones I want first).  I did this as I shopped Sunday, also helpful because there were little sticker flags on the shelf to let you know if there was a DC available.
Anyhow I saved on stuff I was buying anyhow (we don't get the printed paper so no coupons anymore).  Some items we dont buy weekly like ice cream & cookies but it's break and kids are having friends over.

Shampoo, soap, ice cream, laundry detergent packs, drink mix, frozen fruit, cheese, cereal, cookies
I saved 11.62 with the DIgital Coupons. And as an extra bonus most were for items already on sale!

Total savings with price plus card and DC was $29.31.

Total spent was $105.75. Not too bad - really will just need milk to the end of the month.....

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Work clothes....

Since I have a week to pull together enough adult clothes for my upcoming gig I gave my work cut out for me.  I stopped working just before the first kiddo was born (10th grader now).  My uniform has been mostly jeans or khakis and lots of comfy clothes.  I don't usually buy myself clothes because I dislike shopping for clothes for myself - fitting grooms and such are such a pain.  Plus I see myself as one size that is vastly different from actuality and I'm cheap - I hate spending the $$.

Now I need to look like a grown up!

This morning I took all skirts out of the closet and tried them on.  They are divided into 3 piles.

Fits correct season
Fits wrong season
Need to drop 5-10 pounds to fit (no seasonal divide here)

There is another pile - donate. It is growing and since I'm on a roll with the closet I may just tackle the dresser too (wink wink)

Dresses will get the same treatment although there aren't many of those that aren't too fancyish for a high school setting.  Although there is a washable linen one I'm thinking of cutting into a skirt - the bodice has always been way to big and I don't care for sleeveless anyhow.

Pants are next.

As I suspected, blouses/tops are my needs to be addressed area.  I have sweaters but need to get a couple blouses to smarten things up - guess I'm outlet bound for a couple. Thinking a white and a French blue could cover my needs just fine.  Mostly I wear long sleeve t shirts or golf shirts so I need to smarten these up a bit.

While out with youngest today to look for a project item at goodwill I came across a pair of medium dark grey dress slacks - for $6 I grabbed them.  They fit good (will fit better  -5 pounds). I did try on a bunch of skirts but nothing fit right.  I very fussy about skirts & should have known better.

Sadly since I wear clogs all the time I may have to buy some grownup shoes too (I truly love shoe shopping) again I'm sticking to basics.  A pair of boots - great time for sales!  And some comfy loafers type I should be good.  I have a couple pairs of flats and comfy heels so no need there.

Hubs is supportive so far of this little adventure - we'll see when he's eaten crockpot or leftovers for almost 2 weeks straight - LOL!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

How much should we all subsidize?

I've noticed in the last month lots of chatter on Facebook about healthcare costs and the affordable healthcare act.  Makes me wonder - a lot about my fellow man.

Several have griped they now have to buy insurance or pay a fine for being uninsured, several have complained about the cost of buying the insurance & having to then pay deductibles.  Some have even attacked others because they get a good rate from their employer offered healthcare plans.

The ones that shocks me most are the ones who think private employers "give" health insurance to employees.  Seriously, Give?!  Try paid for through payroll deductions and similarly high deductibles.

I know some self employed people who last year paid more for coverage than they did before the ACA and this year saw those bills nearly double in costs because their rates are income based.  It's kinda nutty.  Seems as though most people pay more for less through employer offered health care - not sure how it's considered "Cadillac" insurance....maybe "Camary".

School break

we are on mid winter break this week.....then when it's over I have 2 weeks of subbing.
I will be spending the break, cleaning house, prepping my wardrobe & fast easy meals for the crockpot or things I can whip up fast after working/kid activities.

Talk about jumping into the deep end!  I'm excited though - it's high school classes and that's a good age group for me (no shoe trying/nose wiping required ha ha ha)

Guess I better head over to the "Rabbit Hole" aka Pinterest and see what I can come up with

Hope everyone is staying warm - it's windy & bitterly cold on my side of the state!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Xpect update

I stopped at Xpect today for fruit & veg....left empty handed.  Bananas were grass green and peppers ere 2.99/# (I paid 1.99/# down the road a mile at price rite.

For a store that will be closing officially 4/1/16 they were still stocking shelves.  I was hoping go find some neat close out deals but struck out.  If I needed Easter decorations or St Patrick's decorations I would have totally lucked out.  No out of the ordinary deals at all.  Too bad for me, I was in the mood to find some great deals today...

Grocery update - February

I usually read everyone's blogs then update mine...nut seems everyone on my sidebar has been busy posting this evening so I will post and the chill out and read.

Here are my spends for food so far for February. I'm counting what I spent since hubs shredded his receipt from Saturday before I got home in his cleaning frenzy.

2/7/15 $48.00 even at ShopRite -
milks, OJ (tree ripe was on sale). Block cheese, romaine for the pets, bag of apples & oranges for us, store brand bran flakes for banana muffin making, granola bars for lunches, PB cracker packs for pre-practice snack for oldest.

2/11 $3 Cumberland farms gallon of milk

2/12 $6 freihoffer bread outlet 2 bags bagels, 2 packs English muffins, 2 loaves of sandwich bread. I love Fridays there!

2/12 $9.68 Price Rite - 2 red peppers, 3 large broccoli crowns, Kellogg's Raisin Bran (been asked/begged for name brand) 2 bunches of bananas (1 yellow 1green)
I totally wish this store was closer to us - I need to inventory and make a big stock up trip there soon.
Certain things are a real deal there....corn meal and grits are a deal there.  So are some baking basics - even cheaper than Aldi!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The time is now

Well I did it.
I filled out the application to sub at the kiddos school.  Depending on how the first few days of that go - will determine if I put myself out there to sub at other schools in that area.

Not going to deny it - it will be rough getting into the swing of working and managing the house and carting the kids hither and yon for activities - not to mention hubs and I are very involved in community work.  But, the money will be used toward good things....tuition, house repairs, band trips, etc.

I've already looked over my wardrobe and I think I have enough school-appropriate clothes for 8 days straight - if I'm creative.  The goal is to not buy anything (although I did get a check to  use toward spring clothes for my bday). I may have to splurge at kohls for a couple new tops

Monday, February 8, 2016

Another snow day

we got the call last night about 10 pm that school would be cancelled today.  Always nice since then the kids could sleep in - teens love thier sleep.

Today has been a cheap day - haven't left the house - don't plan to until morning - tee hee hee

The kids have mostly hung out...I've done next to nothing - although there is plenty I could have done- desire level is super low.

But that hasn't cost me a dime either so I think it's pretty frugal of us - lol....

Friday, February 5, 2016

Survived the snow

so far I have survived the snow.  Several trees are going to need attention come early spring.  Thinking we will lose one of them completely.  Kids are weirdly excited - they love to have a bonfire in the yard - guessing I should be a little concerned?..

Laundry is all done and folded - we were very lucky - several roads in town lost power this morning and haven't gotten it back yet.  Our smaller pet cages are ready just in case - kids were that worried.

I never got to my sewing - hopefully I can carve out some time on Sunday maybe tomorrow night if I'm not too tired after the sports day & errands

Snow could cost me $$

drat on this snowstorm....
It's gonna cost me money and not just the budgeted plowing.....
I have a horrible feeling we dill have to have a tree removed - it doesn't like the heavy snow and is dropping limbs like crazy.  It's a white pine and close to the house....we like it for shade & privacy but not at the expense of the roof or half of the house....

But we still have power and the oil truck came early this morning - I have wood in the garage just in case we need to use the fireplace. Pets can be transferred to their smaller cages and those can be covered with a blanket to keep them toasty if we need to

SnowDay plans

Laundry...wash, dry & fold little pet beds (fantastic deal on remnant fleece)
Dinner for Youngest's Birthday

I will most likely squeeze in some cleaning/decluttering as I put away laundry.  The first week of a month can be really busy here so very little gets done on that front.  The sewing will be my treat for accomplishing housework.  It's very relaxing

Tomorrow it's sports and such then church & groceries on Sunday...

Thursday, February 4, 2016


That's right!  I paid 1.77/gallon for gas yesterday at BJs!  I filled the Prius for under $18!  Super economical since I get 44/mpg !!!

Even though I bought it when gas was almost $4/gallon it's still a very cheap car to drive and when you figure out I drive 700-800 miles a week it's totally worth it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Drat! It's really happening

Last year we heard the rumors and saw the newspaper.....but now they've attached a date to it.  

I'm bummed, I used to find such awesome close outs there....

Guess I will be heading there in the next couple weeks to see what happens...