Monday, February 8, 2016

Another snow day

we got the call last night about 10 pm that school would be cancelled today.  Always nice since then the kids could sleep in - teens love thier sleep.

Today has been a cheap day - haven't left the house - don't plan to until morning - tee hee hee

The kids have mostly hung out...I've done next to nothing - although there is plenty I could have done- desire level is super low.

But that hasn't cost me a dime either so I think it's pretty frugal of us - lol....


  1. Lucky you! Our schools weren't cancelled until 5:25 this morning...right after Guppy 2 got out of the shower! Thankfully, they both were able to get some extra sleep anyway! =)

  2. I remember those snow days, our school district always waited till the last minute. Will your kids need to make up the time? Two years ago they had to make up five days, my son wasn't too happy then. Cheryl