Sunday, February 21, 2016

Busy break

As usual, it's Sunday night and oldest teen is burning the soon to be midnight oil to finish homework (only had a week to get it done).  This year I thought there would be more responsibility - NOPE!  Even after sitting down on Sunday morning and drawing up a plan to work on the stuff a little each day...

Our school participates in this national history day nonsense - think science fair for history.  Kids have had months to father the research, but only just got the presentation rubric the week before break.
Add to it an English term paper 3 pages minimum, a foreign language assignment (write a blog in another Language with an assigned partner, of course the one my kid gets assigned to is off on a cruise for the break so no collaboration possible.  Also that kiddo doesn't have a good reputation for carrying their fair share - good thing my kid can document work done so far and has emailed the teacher about the difficulties encountered).  And tonight at 9:30 suddenly remembers that there is chemistry work and an instrument that needs cleaning!  Frigging teens!!!!

The 'schedule' was a foolish exercise because it wasn't stuck to except by me - who would use it to double check on progress (nagging as the teen involved calls it)

All this and I I was supposed to accomplish the following this week:
Practice driving with said teen - didn't happen
Shop for school teaching clothes (halfway done)
Prepare for subbing - meal plan, pack for my weekend away with the girls, groceries
Organize my crafting stuff for the weekend

Catchup on laundry was the only thing accolplished (insert frowney face)


  1. I have one of those frustrating teens too! You would think that after cramming a few times, they would learn... LOL
    Don't beat yourself up too bad about not accomplishing everything you wanted this weekend. You caught up on the laundry and we all know that is one for the "win" column!

  2. Meh, at least he is doing the work. I have one who refuses to so much as open a book save on pain of death...or an f." Not sure why, as was a very high achiever, and expect the same.