Friday, February 12, 2016

Grocery update - February

I usually read everyone's blogs then update mine...nut seems everyone on my sidebar has been busy posting this evening so I will post and the chill out and read.

Here are my spends for food so far for February. I'm counting what I spent since hubs shredded his receipt from Saturday before I got home in his cleaning frenzy.

2/7/15 $48.00 even at ShopRite -
milks, OJ (tree ripe was on sale). Block cheese, romaine for the pets, bag of apples & oranges for us, store brand bran flakes for banana muffin making, granola bars for lunches, PB cracker packs for pre-practice snack for oldest.

2/11 $3 Cumberland farms gallon of milk

2/12 $6 freihoffer bread outlet 2 bags bagels, 2 packs English muffins, 2 loaves of sandwich bread. I love Fridays there!

2/12 $9.68 Price Rite - 2 red peppers, 3 large broccoli crowns, Kellogg's Raisin Bran (been asked/begged for name brand) 2 bunches of bananas (1 yellow 1green)
I totally wish this store was closer to us - I need to inventory and make a big stock up trip there soon.
Certain things are a real deal there....corn meal and grits are a deal there.  So are some baking basics - even cheaper than Aldi!

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