Saturday, February 13, 2016

How much should we all subsidize?

I've noticed in the last month lots of chatter on Facebook about healthcare costs and the affordable healthcare act.  Makes me wonder - a lot about my fellow man.

Several have griped they now have to buy insurance or pay a fine for being uninsured, several have complained about the cost of buying the insurance & having to then pay deductibles.  Some have even attacked others because they get a good rate from their employer offered healthcare plans.

The ones that shocks me most are the ones who think private employers "give" health insurance to employees.  Seriously, Give?!  Try paid for through payroll deductions and similarly high deductibles.

I know some self employed people who last year paid more for coverage than they did before the ACA and this year saw those bills nearly double in costs because their rates are income based.  It's kinda nutty.  Seems as though most people pay more for less through employer offered health care - not sure how it's considered "Cadillac" insurance....maybe "Camary".

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  1. Well my dh's employer gives us our healthcare at the price of $309.00 every two weeks. We also have $46.00 added for dental which was included last year. Let's not forget the cost of vision too. I have no problem if people don't want to buy healthcare and not pay a fine. I have a problem if they get sick and expect to not pay for their care. Cheryl