Saturday, February 13, 2016

School break

we are on mid winter break this week.....then when it's over I have 2 weeks of subbing.
I will be spending the break, cleaning house, prepping my wardrobe & fast easy meals for the crockpot or things I can whip up fast after working/kid activities.

Talk about jumping into the deep end!  I'm excited though - it's high school classes and that's a good age group for me (no shoe trying/nose wiping required ha ha ha)

Guess I better head over to the "Rabbit Hole" aka Pinterest and see what I can come up with

Hope everyone is staying warm - it's windy & bitterly cold on my side of the state!

1 comment:

  1. My Guppies are on break too - however, the school board took away our full week of February vacation this year and opted for just two days (Monday & Tuesday). The thought is that the kids will be able to get out earlier come June.
    Good luck on the subbing! You are a braver woman than me....I think I would take the shoe tying/nose wiping before teenagers any day! Then again, I do have teenager GIRLS in my house. HAHAH!
    All joking aside, you got this!
    Good luck on Pinterest! Don't get sucked in too long! ;)