Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Thrift shopping woes

today I took a big bag of clothes the kids have outgrown to goodwill - I also took the opportunity to poke around.  Came out with an old Kodak brownie (gift for a collector) a blue blouse for myself and a dark teal dressier T for myself.    One shirt was $4.99 and the other was the color of the day so it was $2.50.  Not bad.  I normally don't look at shoes at goodwill/consignment because I have a weird Hangup  about used shoes....but today I did. There was a pair of riding style boots in my size - they had been worn a few times, but in decent shape - I passed on them because they wanted $35 for them!

The upscale consignment shop in the next town could charge that - but they only accept worn once/never worn shoes of name brands (coach, bandolino, etc). These were a no name boot and not all leather.

They had a pair if worn (nearly worn out) Dansko clogs for $65.  I wear clogs all the time and I would have tossed them in the trash they were that beat up.

I get Goodwill has to cover overhead - and I've said it before - sometimes they have their prices just way too high.

Next donation of outgrown clothes goes to Salvation Army - they will give stuff to those in need if they bring the voucher.  It's just worth the extra drive for me.  Today sealed it

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