Sunday, February 14, 2016

Work clothes....

Since I have a week to pull together enough adult clothes for my upcoming gig I gave my work cut out for me.  I stopped working just before the first kiddo was born (10th grader now).  My uniform has been mostly jeans or khakis and lots of comfy clothes.  I don't usually buy myself clothes because I dislike shopping for clothes for myself - fitting grooms and such are such a pain.  Plus I see myself as one size that is vastly different from actuality and I'm cheap - I hate spending the $$.

Now I need to look like a grown up!

This morning I took all skirts out of the closet and tried them on.  They are divided into 3 piles.

Fits correct season
Fits wrong season
Need to drop 5-10 pounds to fit (no seasonal divide here)

There is another pile - donate. It is growing and since I'm on a roll with the closet I may just tackle the dresser too (wink wink)

Dresses will get the same treatment although there aren't many of those that aren't too fancyish for a high school setting.  Although there is a washable linen one I'm thinking of cutting into a skirt - the bodice has always been way to big and I don't care for sleeveless anyhow.

Pants are next.

As I suspected, blouses/tops are my needs to be addressed area.  I have sweaters but need to get a couple blouses to smarten things up - guess I'm outlet bound for a couple. Thinking a white and a French blue could cover my needs just fine.  Mostly I wear long sleeve t shirts or golf shirts so I need to smarten these up a bit.

While out with youngest today to look for a project item at goodwill I came across a pair of medium dark grey dress slacks - for $6 I grabbed them.  They fit good (will fit better  -5 pounds). I did try on a bunch of skirts but nothing fit right.  I very fussy about skirts & should have known better.

Sadly since I wear clogs all the time I may have to buy some grownup shoes too (I truly love shoe shopping) again I'm sticking to basics.  A pair of boots - great time for sales!  And some comfy loafers type I should be good.  I have a couple pairs of flats and comfy heels so no need there.

Hubs is supportive so far of this little adventure - we'll see when he's eaten crockpot or leftovers for almost 2 weeks straight - LOL!


  1. My suggestion is 3 work bottoms, 3 tops, 2 outer layers aka sweater/jackets for now. Wait until you get there n see what others usually wear. everything mix/match.

  2. Awesome CTMom....all set on dressy enough pants and skirts, sweaters are adequate. Blouses are the weak link....and long "riding" boots. I have a credit at kohls....hoping they have my size :-)

  3. I have been,finding great online deals at kohls. I bought two pairs of boots last week.