Friday, March 25, 2016

My shopping adventures

well today wasn't a cheap one...
Haircut, trip to BJs and big Y

Bonus is I stuck to my in the head list at BJs, no impulse purchases (except I forgot toilet cleaner liquid - pine sol it is until I'm back that way)
Big Y stuck to the few items I needed, asparagus for Sunday, kiwi fruit for snacking, whipped cream in a can for Sunday dessert - and I earned a gold coin - yay!
Haircut was the usual price but since I was subbing I has to push my regularly scheduled appt out by 4 weeks....way to long between curs for my comfort.  I went shorter than I've worn in a super long time - like 10 year, so it's a little bit of shock for the family & me since it will take a little getting used to but I love it so far.

I researched my raised beds options.  Thinking I'm going with planters - just looking for some affordable options now.  This  provides portability that we need this summer while stuff happens yo the back roof

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Springy days

it is so lovely outside today!  I have such high hopes for spring activities.
On my list this year is a raised bed herb garden. I guess I'm on my own for constructing it since I'm feeling like the little red hen lately.  Nothing fancy going into it, parsley, basil (loads of it) a rosemary bush in a pot. I have to pick the best spot for is little adventure.  We might be having some work done on the roof during the summer so, I'm also looking into these deck boxes my sister showed me.  I could make them portable and move them away from construction.

I've planned the kids April break - they and hubby aren't to pleased because it involves a lot of decluttering here - but they want their bedrooms painted this summer while they're away so it needs to be done desperately.  Someday soon I wonder if moving to a new house would be easier (forced decluttering during packing)

Monday, March 21, 2016

My favorite kitchen containers

These are just a few of my favorite dry goods containers in the kitchen.  As you can see I stripped off the original labels before scrubbing them.  You got it?  Yup peanut butter jars!  I love them!  Good thing because we eat a lot of it.  My personal favorites are the 40 ounce skippy both for flavor, texture and the fact the jars fit well in the cupboards. We buy tea at BJs and once you open the cello seal on the box the tea bags begin to get stale.  So I seal them up pronto in the plastic jar and slow it all down.  

Over the years I've used them for storing bulk things from the health food store, wheat germ in the freezer now, grits which come in a nonresealable box (invites pantry moths and an unholy mess if tipped over) 

I have also used them to store craft things when kids were little, pompous that you get at dollar tree, Popsicle sticks etc, kept the craft basket neater than the little cello bags they come in.  

We even have a set for the camper - lightweight, waterproof and mouse proof.

What are some of your recycled containers you love?

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Day @ home

Spent my day yesterday home.  Was planning on errands and such, but after getting ready for my day I decided that staying home and doing stuff here was just fine.  I did a lot of laundry, played with the pets, looked over some paperwork of mine that needed attention, watched the whole season 2 of Happy Valley on Netflix and are leftovers.  A catnap snuck in there as well but it was tiny.

Big bonus of the day , stay one home I had a no spend day <insert cheesy grin>. No money left my wallet or was put on plastic!

Overall I don't feel it was a wasted day - I could have kicked it into higher gear and spent my day on my own cleaning like a mad woman, then I would be tired and crabby for cleaning up everyone's mess on my own all day today.    That's not worth it to me.  They will be home and crabby later and we have a day full of places to be for others today.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Early start Saturday

everyoneis out of the house early today.  I mean it's not even 8 am and I have one load of wash going, and 3 more in the wings and 3 to still fold.  I have a list of errands today as well as a little bit of scrapbooking I want to complete today. First though I need to finish my coffee, attack a kitchen counter and shower so I can do my errand and get home to work on other tasks.  

Hope you all have a productive day!!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Ugh - hating change

thats it!  I hate changing colors on my blog....
As much as I liked the teal, I couldn't get rid of the navy post background and white text. It took me until today to get the latest change in everything done.  It's not exactly what wanted but near enough damnit!

Enjoy or not - I don't see myself changing until Christmas at his rate :-P

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


time for a new color scheme.....


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Back at it.....

Back to school tomorrow.  This was a planned day, this of course meant that today I had planned on ShopRite run after drop off this morning.  Worked in my favor, home and put away everything by 9:15!

I stuck to mostly loss leaders today, but there were a couple things I needed but bought the sale brand so all is well with the grocery budget.

Yesterday I was able to get all the clean laundry folded and away.  The kids get theirs in a basket all folded and I hang their uniforms because I hate to iron them.  I also caught up on greys anatomy as I did the folding - always a plus.

Yesterday was a smallish pork loin roast with balsamic glaze and oven roasted veg and tonight was roasted chicken with stuffing etc-  oldest was super happy with that....I could cook it weekly, should cook it weekly really.  Tomorrow is leftovers and soup....easy dinner night.

Must remember to get more baking bags next time they're on sale - super fast, almost no mess, moist bird with great broth for gravy.

I know what I'm packing for my lunch and what I'm wearing....this is good!

Thinking of signing on with the public school in the town the kids school is in too - will get me more days probably.  Maybe after spring break or Easter weekend....we have some big bills coming up and I'd rather not touch the tucked away money for those - I'd rather add it to the rainy day fund.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Daylight time change

Daylight savings time?  More like daylight kicking my butt time.
Such a drag getting up this morning & leaving to drive kids to school when it was still darkish....
This always takes me about a week to adjust.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Getting back to normal

trying like heck to get back to normal now.
Laundry is all washed and hanging - tomorrow, will be a folding marathon for me.
Hubby went grocery shopping with me - helpful to a degree, we Went to the local IGA in the next town. Spent way more than I wanted to there.  I was focused on the loss leaders - he was focused on other items on regular priced & sale.  I'm also less inclined to buy snack foods where he thinks the kids "need" them.  As you can see it's a budget buster.  At least only picked out ones on sale.

Also on my plan for tomorrow is to work on getting the house in shape again.  I thought the house would have stayed cleanish with all if us out of it all day and into the afternoons - but heck no...its quickly approaching disaster zone.

Friday, March 11, 2016

5 frugal things this week

Worked this week - getting into that groove but looking forward to the weekend and not working Monday. There are som teachers doing PD coming up so I could get some more gigs. 

Being out of the house has its benefits -'s a sampling...

1.  Subbing at my kids school meant my daily commute was cut in half - saving $$
2.  Meals were cooked at home all week - nothing fancy but from the freezer and pantry
3. All laundry was air dried on racks
4.  Luckily - no after school sports or errands = no outlay of $$
5.  Lunches packed from home for me...hubs took leftovers

Sunday, March 6, 2016

4 Things - fun!

Totally borrowing parts from Sluggy and Carol at Ct on a Budget

4 things....

4 Names I answer to....
Sis, Mom, Ma, Mrs R....

4 places I've lived in
Parents home, dormitory, high rise apartment building, familia home

4 family activities I like
Hiking, kayaking, camping, Maine

4 favorite foods
Green leafy veg, strawberry rhubarb pie, peanut butter anything, sirloin tips

4 favorite trips ever
Yellowstone, Sardinia (stationed there as a child), NW England, Disney World

4 places on my bucket list
Ireland, Alaska, Grand Canyon, Scandinavia

4 biggest concerns
Aging parents & in laws, my kids different academic challenges, retirement, college tuition!

4 biggest dislikes
Yelling, messiness, boastful parents with blinders on, fanatical sports fans

Friday, March 4, 2016

I'm still here!

holy cow!  This last week was even more tiring than I thought....
I survived another week as a sub though...kinda getting into the groove of it all.

I have at least 2 more days this week - maybe more.

It's been such a HUGE adjustment here.  Hubby has been great about helping with stuff.
3 of the 5 days I basically worked all day, drove 1 kiddo home, fixed a box dinner for the other and drove it back to school for 2 hours of sports practice with uniform/gear that gets washed at night right after getting home (about 9pm).   Made for long days and short nights.

I have tomorrow to get a bunch of housework done, oil change on the car & hitting the outlets during that hour (love the courtesy Van) Laundry, pet cage cleaning and bathrooms are on the top of the list - meal planning for the week will have to consist of what's in the freezer.  Sunday is the state tournament so that will consume the day - and Downton Abbey of course!

The kids are amazed that the don't even see me during the day - only the oldest has 1 class in this wing so I knew it wouldn't be an issue.

I am definately dog tired when I finally do get home