Sunday, March 6, 2016

4 Things - fun!

Totally borrowing parts from Sluggy and Carol at Ct on a Budget

4 things....

4 Names I answer to....
Sis, Mom, Ma, Mrs R....

4 places I've lived in
Parents home, dormitory, high rise apartment building, familia home

4 family activities I like
Hiking, kayaking, camping, Maine

4 favorite foods
Green leafy veg, strawberry rhubarb pie, peanut butter anything, sirloin tips

4 favorite trips ever
Yellowstone, Sardinia (stationed there as a child), NW England, Disney World

4 places on my bucket list
Ireland, Alaska, Grand Canyon, Scandinavia

4 biggest concerns
Aging parents & in laws, my kids different academic challenges, retirement, college tuition!

4 biggest dislikes
Yelling, messiness, boastful parents with blinders on, fanatical sports fans

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