Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Back at it.....

Back to school tomorrow.  This was a planned day, this of course meant that today I had planned on ShopRite run after drop off this morning.  Worked in my favor, home and put away everything by 9:15!

I stuck to mostly loss leaders today, but there were a couple things I needed but bought the sale brand so all is well with the grocery budget.

Yesterday I was able to get all the clean laundry folded and away.  The kids get theirs in a basket all folded and I hang their uniforms because I hate to iron them.  I also caught up on greys anatomy as I did the folding - always a plus.

Yesterday was a smallish pork loin roast with balsamic glaze and oven roasted veg and tonight was roasted chicken with stuffing etc-  oldest was super happy with that....I could cook it weekly, should cook it weekly really.  Tomorrow is leftovers and soup....easy dinner night.

Must remember to get more baking bags next time they're on sale - super fast, almost no mess, moist bird with great broth for gravy.

I know what I'm packing for my lunch and what I'm wearing....this is good!

Thinking of signing on with the public school in the town the kids school is in too - will get me more days probably.  Maybe after spring break or Easter weekend....we have some big bills coming up and I'd rather not touch the tucked away money for those - I'd rather add it to the rainy day fund.

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