Sunday, March 13, 2016

Getting back to normal

trying like heck to get back to normal now.
Laundry is all washed and hanging - tomorrow, will be a folding marathon for me.
Hubby went grocery shopping with me - helpful to a degree, we Went to the local IGA in the next town. Spent way more than I wanted to there.  I was focused on the loss leaders - he was focused on other items on regular priced & sale.  I'm also less inclined to buy snack foods where he thinks the kids "need" them.  As you can see it's a budget buster.  At least only picked out ones on sale.

Also on my plan for tomorrow is to work on getting the house in shape again.  I thought the house would have stayed cleanish with all if us out of it all day and into the afternoons - but heck no...its quickly approaching disaster zone.

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