Friday, March 4, 2016

I'm still here!

holy cow!  This last week was even more tiring than I thought....
I survived another week as a sub though...kinda getting into the groove of it all.

I have at least 2 more days this week - maybe more.

It's been such a HUGE adjustment here.  Hubby has been great about helping with stuff.
3 of the 5 days I basically worked all day, drove 1 kiddo home, fixed a box dinner for the other and drove it back to school for 2 hours of sports practice with uniform/gear that gets washed at night right after getting home (about 9pm).   Made for long days and short nights.

I have tomorrow to get a bunch of housework done, oil change on the car & hitting the outlets during that hour (love the courtesy Van) Laundry, pet cage cleaning and bathrooms are on the top of the list - meal planning for the week will have to consist of what's in the freezer.  Sunday is the state tournament so that will consume the day - and Downton Abbey of course!

The kids are amazed that the don't even see me during the day - only the oldest has 1 class in this wing so I knew it wouldn't be an issue.

I am definately dog tired when I finally do get home

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