Monday, March 21, 2016

My favorite kitchen containers

These are just a few of my favorite dry goods containers in the kitchen.  As you can see I stripped off the original labels before scrubbing them.  You got it?  Yup peanut butter jars!  I love them!  Good thing because we eat a lot of it.  My personal favorites are the 40 ounce skippy both for flavor, texture and the fact the jars fit well in the cupboards. We buy tea at BJs and once you open the cello seal on the box the tea bags begin to get stale.  So I seal them up pronto in the plastic jar and slow it all down.  

Over the years I've used them for storing bulk things from the health food store, wheat germ in the freezer now, grits which come in a nonresealable box (invites pantry moths and an unholy mess if tipped over) 

I have also used them to store craft things when kids were little, pompous that you get at dollar tree, Popsicle sticks etc, kept the craft basket neater than the little cello bags they come in.  

We even have a set for the camper - lightweight, waterproof and mouse proof.

What are some of your recycled containers you love?


  1. I love to save and repurpose any glass jar I can get my hands on! (Pasta sauce, mustard, jelly, etc) It drives my husband crazy because I have a whole bunch of them sitting in one cabinet just waiting to be used...But I figure hey, I paid for the product AND the container so why not get the most out of it! ;)

  2. I love the pasta jars too because they have a wonderful design or other neat things on the side. I had two boxes of glass jars from baby jars to pasta which I recycled at the old house so that I didn't have to move. I was so sad putting them in the recycle bin but I figured that I could get more at the new house and not have to move another box because 6 months of moving all the stuff we had was enough!! Jealous of your peanut butter jars :)