Friday, March 25, 2016

My shopping adventures

well today wasn't a cheap one...
Haircut, trip to BJs and big Y

Bonus is I stuck to my in the head list at BJs, no impulse purchases (except I forgot toilet cleaner liquid - pine sol it is until I'm back that way)
Big Y stuck to the few items I needed, asparagus for Sunday, kiwi fruit for snacking, whipped cream in a can for Sunday dessert - and I earned a gold coin - yay!
Haircut was the usual price but since I was subbing I has to push my regularly scheduled appt out by 4 weeks....way to long between curs for my comfort.  I went shorter than I've worn in a super long time - like 10 year, so it's a little bit of shock for the family & me since it will take a little getting used to but I love it so far.

I researched my raised beds options.  Thinking I'm going with planters - just looking for some affordable options now.  This  provides portability that we need this summer while stuff happens yo the back roof

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