Thursday, March 24, 2016

Springy days

it is so lovely outside today!  I have such high hopes for spring activities.
On my list this year is a raised bed herb garden. I guess I'm on my own for constructing it since I'm feeling like the little red hen lately.  Nothing fancy going into it, parsley, basil (loads of it) a rosemary bush in a pot. I have to pick the best spot for is little adventure.  We might be having some work done on the roof during the summer so, I'm also looking into these deck boxes my sister showed me.  I could make them portable and move them away from construction.

I've planned the kids April break - they and hubby aren't to pleased because it involves a lot of decluttering here - but they want their bedrooms painted this summer while they're away so it needs to be done desperately.  Someday soon I wonder if moving to a new house would be easier (forced decluttering during packing)

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