Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New Socks for a Song :-)

I admit it - I'm weird about socks...I tend to wear them to death.  There are some wool hiking ones I love but tend to wear but only with sock liners.

Athletic socks I'm just as picky about...I like no show or a little show and the mesh type for breath ability.  As I was cleaning out my socks last week I realized I'm the one person in the house who really needed some new ones.

Armed with my trusty $10 off coupon I headed to Bob's. Where I found 6pr /9.99 no show white light weight sports socks nice and thin - yay!
Also a pack of 3pr peds for 9.99.

Hot yo the register gave them my coupon and a merchandise credit from the fall.

I wound up paying $3.49 for all the packs - double yay!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Back to the grind.....

We survived the 1st 2 days back a school.  Monday was much easier - this morning was just awful getting the kids up & add to it it was pouring rain and raw at 5:30 - I didn't want to rush up and out.  I was thankful there was no sub call today so I could skip showering before trying to get out.  Once home I did my best to get stuff done here.  I had a bunch of emails to take care of, a press release to send out (volunteer stuff), print & organize my binder of materials for teaching on Saturday (volunteering more).  2 minor errands today: gas & pharmacy.  We are all headed to dreamland early -  everyone is beat.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Last day of spring break....

Tomorrow finds us back to reality!
Uniforms are washed and ready to go. Permission slips & checks are ready to turn in for end of the year activities.  Lunch foods are bought.

The giant weed out I had hoped for during the week didn't occur - I got tired of begging and pleading for assistance on that front.  Hubby has a habit of turning our table into a workspace - since the office looks like hoarders.  The kitchen counter is just as bad....piles of keys and paper.  Makes me very stressed - when I clean up he gets all 'relax, I'll take care of it!'

My tag sale boxes are still empty because not one person (kids) could give me 1 hour/per kid/per day of their busy days of sleeping in, tormenting each other, asking for a ride, requiring cooked meals to help out.  My kids are 14 & 16 and know how to make a sandwich, grill a hot dog & pour cereal.

Yesterday they all had a class - I stayed home for the most part, except for the grocer & rummage sale - doing laundry, washed fridge & organized kitchen freezer, cleaning pet cages, bagging up outgrown clothes for donation. They came home last night late and all wondered what I did all day & why I didn't clean up the mess they left all week in the form of paper piles etc.   I nearly lost it!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Rummage sale season

i hit my first of the season this morning.  Such an interesting social experiment - these sales can be.  No longer are they a place where you can get 2nd hand goods or Nick-knacks you may need/want on the cheap.  They are a place to pick up goods to resale.  Our church held theirs today - doors open at 9 and when I pulled in at 8:30 with my coffee & book after dropping the kiddos where they needed go be at 8, I parked next to the only other car in the lot....the guy in that car hopped out and raced to the door and stood in the sprinkle rain to guard his spot of 1st.  As I sat dry in my car wand watched folks drive in the exit only portion of the parking lot (that sign doesn't mean them afterall) I watched folks park with one set of tires on the lawn and one on the blacktop, watched the 3 handicap spots get filled by 2 cars without hanger tag/license plate marker or dashboard pass or the ability to read the sign/lot markings  and park straight (wish I had thought & taken a photo and texted it to the police - that really is a sore subject for me - it's soooo wrong).

Once I got in (got out of the dry car after my coffee was done & the door opened) I did quite well.  I picked up
$2 like new airbake non stick cookie sheet
$1 wooden chess board (I have pieces & will be helping to teach a how to play class so looking for more of these)
$.50 Lingerie washing bag in packaging
$.50 11 plastic divider pocket folders (for 3 ring binder)
$1 Small revereware sauce pan & lid
$.50 New pack of blank note cards
$.50 new cotton canvasy tote bag (using for groceries - they hold up better in the wash)

All together $6!  Pretty good I think.  Headed to Goodwill on the way to the grocer a few towns over - total strikeout.  That's not a bad thing though.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Aldi & hubby

Hubby fell into the Aldi rabbit hole today.
Poor guy went in for a loaf of bread, big of AP flour, bell peppers & tomatoes ..... Came out with 2 boxes of stuff!  Several packs of prepackaged snacks, nuts, fruit, was kinda funny, until I had to put it away!  I thought we were doing well with eating from the pantry/freezer.  He and the kids have a first aid thing tomorrow so I'm going to work on inventorying and meal planning.  I can honestly say we or ably have 3 months of food - need to get some things on paper and into my family binder so I can see what are fast pantry based meals.

Sadly he came home with a few packs of the Girl Scout similar cookies...I had to tuck those away from the kids eyes.

Hubs was impressed at the low price but less so by variety of brands - I think his total at the register helped him to get over though.

Update:  I found the reciept - all I can say is holy crappity crap!  I have to keep him out of there - the budget won't be happy otherwise

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Teen Guide to Messing Up Spring Break

It has been a very busy week here - here is what I've learned during break with 2 teens....

Step 1
Complain loudly how you don't get to go anywhere cool for the week, ignore the fact your parents are sending you on a big trip this summer, you know one of those trip of a lifetime deals....

Step 2
Complain how you havve a large project due at the end if break that you have had a couple weeks notice on.  Be sure to refuse to work on it when reminded if the project - this should be done at full teen drama level.

Step 3 
Sleep late daily - noon is best.  Refusal to be roused is a must, even if the vacume cleaner is run your room, hunker down - it's your break afterall.

Step 4 
If you are told you must do anything before you're driven anywhere - this should be done slowly and with as much eye rolling and frustrated sighs as you can manage.  You should only do the task quickly if you could miss something that will make you miss out on something fun.

Step 5
Terrorize siblings at any cost.  They won't really take the cell phone away right?

Step 6 
Use your quiet time to create a list of things you need the parents to buy you.  Share this list and try to nail them down on when these items will be bought. Keep sharing it until you are certain parents have heard you.  Necessary clothes items should not be on this list. 

Step 7
Stay up late.  The later the better - this will help with step 3.

Step 8
If your mom us running an errand and you need to ask her something - call her cell.  If she doesn't answer right away -immediately call your dad at work to ask.  This should set off fireworks because dads love to know why moms can't fish a phone out of their purse faster.  
Never text your parents to ask a non-earth shattering important question....

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Not a cheap day

whew!  Just poured through $$ like it was water today - these were known/expected expenses but still.

Ordered a Medical device for one kid - device medically needed but not covered by insurance - the DRS time is though.  Ironically if child had diabetes or arthritis it would be - frustratingly stupid law

Brake job and 4 new tires for my car (ran the heck out of the old ones - threw were at the unsafe zone)

Fill up car and milk

It all added up in a few short hours!  Just nutty how spring break staycationing went from being cheap to expensive so fast.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Allergies are back!

drat, double drat!

Yesterday was so lovely I foolishly opened up the house for an air out....

This morning I'm puffy & stuffy & sneezy - 3 of the allergy dwarfs have come to visit.  Just in time for spring break day 1.  (I don't count the weekend since we are staycationing and it was life as usual for me).

I better finish this coffee and take my Zyrtecs & some vitamins. I'm gonna need the caffeine

I have my lists ready and am determined to not let my 'cheap to me' week get derailed.

  • Dr appointments and school appointment (youngest child)
  • De-cluttering will begin in earnest - I have my tag sale boxes at the ready waiting to be filled up.
  • Some things to return to my mom are in a box ready for a ride there later in the week (if she buys you a gift or picks up something for you at a tag sale and its of no use to you any longer -you have to return it to her or she gets pissed beyond belief)
  • Instrument pick up for the oldest child
  • List of things to sort out from hubby to complete
  • Gear up to teach all day class for day camp adults at the end of the month - look over materials, pull together props etc.
  • Grocery shopping and meal planning. Hubs is low carb again....still dairy free - lots more thinking for me.  Still figuring out quick meals that fit
  • Cleaning the gas grill - my least favorite spring task - it's like cleaning the oven-yuck

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Spring Break!

woo Hoo!!

We're on spring break!  I got called in for 2 days this week, as I was driving the kiddos do school - nice little bonus to the week!

Now it's time to hang out and do stuff around the house and take care of appointments for the kiddos & haircuts.

I spent a chunk of today watching On demand shows and hand sewing 2 little sleeping beds from recycled mattress pad and fleece remnant. They love love love them and are all snuggled in them. I had to go it by hand because they are circular and 4 layers of fleece....I don't have that skill with the machine.  I was happy to have it done, now I know I can!

Tonight is folding laundry and watching a movie or two wile at it.  I need to reward myself somehow, it's one of my least liked chores (next to cleaning the bathroom)

I know these aren't exciting life updates - but they are definately frugal activities - and saving the $$ is the name of the game lately!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

It's only Tuesday?

I wound up subbing last Thursday and Friday, Saturday was all day helping hubby at an event Was helping to run - lots of on the feet time, Sunday was errands and housework, yesterday found me on a school trip, today was out of the house all day - tomorrow too!  

Starting to feel like a hamster on the wheel - looking forward to some consignment shopping for a dress I need and getting things squared away for the kids being on spring break next week - 

Big frugal smiley face coming up - the week they are on us xfinity's free HBO week, I anticipate lots of tv watching as I fold laundry, work on decluttering & prep donations for the church rummage sale.

Also hiring my kids to pick up sticks in the yard and sorting out the front beds.  I hope the weather cooperates.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Wrapping up another busy week

It's been another one of those weeks here on my side of CT.
Monday was the most normal paced, but there was yucky snow/sleety stuff to drive home in...
Tuesday was a 2 hr delay which I was thankful for since I had to finish some preps for a meeting Tuesday night.
Wednesday found me at school helping in the music department for a show coming up & home to cook and clean.
Today and tomorrow are Subbing days for me.  Definately busy!

Saturday I'm helping hubby at an event & Sunday is church and soup kitchen duty.

What have I learned from subbing?  I cannot work, keep house, shuttle kids and continue volunteer meetings several times a week at night and function the next day.

Routine is where we seriously need help - we have a loose one but we will need a tighter one if I do this sub thing more next year.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Mother Nature has lost her $&@#

This weather is making me nuts!  Either snow or rain...make up your mind Mother Nature!  

Bonus is the evening activity for tonight - sports dinner at school.....cancelled!  I'm actually kinda relieved since it's such a gray day and I've been sleeping lousy lately....just too tired to deal with that tonight.

Looks like it's decaf tea, laundry and whatever foolishness is on tv then early sleep for me.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Super busy Saturday!

This has been a really busy week of running around and helping at school and a day of subbing thrown in.  Next week looks to be the same minus the subbing.

Today started at 5 getting up to take the oldest to a band/Master's class program at a university.  Long day!  Then it was home the 45 minutes because there was nothing for me to do in that area but tons to do on the Homefront.  Then back to pick up.  Bonus was I stopped at Aldi and stocked up on baking soda which I ran out of since youngest decided to de-stink a pair of shoes with the last half a box I had.  Btw it didn't work.  I have another idea to try involving plain cat litter, old socks and tea tree oil or eucalyptus essential oil.

I'm going to heat up some leftovers and conk out early