Monday, April 18, 2016

Allergies are back!

drat, double drat!

Yesterday was so lovely I foolishly opened up the house for an air out....

This morning I'm puffy & stuffy & sneezy - 3 of the allergy dwarfs have come to visit.  Just in time for spring break day 1.  (I don't count the weekend since we are staycationing and it was life as usual for me).

I better finish this coffee and take my Zyrtecs & some vitamins. I'm gonna need the caffeine

I have my lists ready and am determined to not let my 'cheap to me' week get derailed.

  • Dr appointments and school appointment (youngest child)
  • De-cluttering will begin in earnest - I have my tag sale boxes at the ready waiting to be filled up.
  • Some things to return to my mom are in a box ready for a ride there later in the week (if she buys you a gift or picks up something for you at a tag sale and its of no use to you any longer -you have to return it to her or she gets pissed beyond belief)
  • Instrument pick up for the oldest child
  • List of things to sort out from hubby to complete
  • Gear up to teach all day class for day camp adults at the end of the month - look over materials, pull together props etc.
  • Grocery shopping and meal planning. Hubs is low carb again....still dairy free - lots more thinking for me.  Still figuring out quick meals that fit
  • Cleaning the gas grill - my least favorite spring task - it's like cleaning the oven-yuck

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