Sunday, April 24, 2016

Last day of spring break....

Tomorrow finds us back to reality!
Uniforms are washed and ready to go. Permission slips & checks are ready to turn in for end of the year activities.  Lunch foods are bought.

The giant weed out I had hoped for during the week didn't occur - I got tired of begging and pleading for assistance on that front.  Hubby has a habit of turning our table into a workspace - since the office looks like hoarders.  The kitchen counter is just as bad....piles of keys and paper.  Makes me very stressed - when I clean up he gets all 'relax, I'll take care of it!'

My tag sale boxes are still empty because not one person (kids) could give me 1 hour/per kid/per day of their busy days of sleeping in, tormenting each other, asking for a ride, requiring cooked meals to help out.  My kids are 14 & 16 and know how to make a sandwich, grill a hot dog & pour cereal.

Yesterday they all had a class - I stayed home for the most part, except for the grocer & rummage sale - doing laundry, washed fridge & organized kitchen freezer, cleaning pet cages, bagging up outgrown clothes for donation. They came home last night late and all wondered what I did all day & why I didn't clean up the mess they left all week in the form of paper piles etc.   I nearly lost it!


  1. Omigosh! I would have completely lost it if my family DARED to say something like that to me! My girls really don't notice what I do....Until I don't/can't/won't do it! Enjoy the quiet next week's days will bring!!!!

  2. I have kids that are 21 and 19 now but I must of been a real mean mom. There would be no sleeping all day, no refusing to help around the home, and definitely no driving to and fro without some sort of help when I asked for it. Wait till they go to college and if they don't do their laundry no clean clothes. My ds learned that quick. Cheryl

  3. yikes! more support on the home front is needed . .sorry.

  4. Yes, I think my family is long over due for a "Mama's done lost her Shit" intervention. i love them but they are really pushing it lately....