Monday, April 4, 2016

Mother Nature has lost her $&@#

This weather is making me nuts!  Either snow or rain...make up your mind Mother Nature!  

Bonus is the evening activity for tonight - sports dinner at school.....cancelled!  I'm actually kinda relieved since it's such a gray day and I've been sleeping lousy lately....just too tired to deal with that tonight.

Looks like it's decaf tea, laundry and whatever foolishness is on tv then early sleep for me.


  1. Snow this morning, some schools delayed. Moved to rain. Now it's freezing rain and everything is cancelling. DD went to work for 1 hour, they closed. Cars going 20 mph-it's bad.

  2. Just drove home from Meriden to Cheshire....usually a twenty minute drive took double that easily! And, I hate driving in this kind of weather - I rarely will do it and avoid it like the plague!! My nerves are shot so I'm changing up the menu and Papa will make cheeseburgers and fries for me while I wait to stop shaking! Isn't this supposed to be April for crying out loud? LOL