Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New Socks for a Song :-)

I admit it - I'm weird about socks...I tend to wear them to death.  There are some wool hiking ones I love but tend to wear but only with sock liners.

Athletic socks I'm just as picky about...I like no show or a little show and the mesh type for breath ability.  As I was cleaning out my socks last week I realized I'm the one person in the house who really needed some new ones.

Armed with my trusty $10 off coupon I headed to Bob's. Where I found 6pr /9.99 no show white light weight sports socks nice and thin - yay!
Also a pack of 3pr peds for 9.99.

Hot yo the register gave them my coupon and a merchandise credit from the fall.

I wound up paying $3.49 for all the packs - double yay!

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