Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Not a cheap day

whew!  Just poured through $$ like it was water today - these were known/expected expenses but still.

Ordered a Medical device for one kid - device medically needed but not covered by insurance - the DRS time is though.  Ironically if child had diabetes or arthritis it would be - frustratingly stupid law

Brake job and 4 new tires for my car (ran the heck out of the old ones - threw were at the unsafe zone)

Fill up car and milk

It all added up in a few short hours!  Just nutty how spring break staycationing went from being cheap to expensive so fast.


  1. Not asking you to divulge anything private, but is it possible to get the durable medical good covered by ins. if you provide a letter of medical necessity? I've done this in the past, playing the ins. game, and winning.

  2. I'm going to try that, we have a meeting with the pediatrician to see if they can help. It's only $250 but that because it's still considered a pedi issue until age 16. Also looking into what the state of ct requires covered.