Saturday, April 23, 2016

Rummage sale season

i hit my first of the season this morning.  Such an interesting social experiment - these sales can be.  No longer are they a place where you can get 2nd hand goods or Nick-knacks you may need/want on the cheap.  They are a place to pick up goods to resale.  Our church held theirs today - doors open at 9 and when I pulled in at 8:30 with my coffee & book after dropping the kiddos where they needed go be at 8, I parked next to the only other car in the lot....the guy in that car hopped out and raced to the door and stood in the sprinkle rain to guard his spot of 1st.  As I sat dry in my car wand watched folks drive in the exit only portion of the parking lot (that sign doesn't mean them afterall) I watched folks park with one set of tires on the lawn and one on the blacktop, watched the 3 handicap spots get filled by 2 cars without hanger tag/license plate marker or dashboard pass or the ability to read the sign/lot markings  and park straight (wish I had thought & taken a photo and texted it to the police - that really is a sore subject for me - it's soooo wrong).

Once I got in (got out of the dry car after my coffee was done & the door opened) I did quite well.  I picked up
$2 like new airbake non stick cookie sheet
$1 wooden chess board (I have pieces & will be helping to teach a how to play class so looking for more of these)
$.50 Lingerie washing bag in packaging
$.50 11 plastic divider pocket folders (for 3 ring binder)
$1 Small revereware sauce pan & lid
$.50 New pack of blank note cards
$.50 new cotton canvasy tote bag (using for groceries - they hold up better in the wash)

All together $6!  Pretty good I think.  Headed to Goodwill on the way to the grocer a few towns over - total strikeout.  That's not a bad thing though.

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