Saturday, April 16, 2016

Spring Break!

woo Hoo!!

We're on spring break!  I got called in for 2 days this week, as I was driving the kiddos do school - nice little bonus to the week!

Now it's time to hang out and do stuff around the house and take care of appointments for the kiddos & haircuts.

I spent a chunk of today watching On demand shows and hand sewing 2 little sleeping beds from recycled mattress pad and fleece remnant. They love love love them and are all snuggled in them. I had to go it by hand because they are circular and 4 layers of fleece....I don't have that skill with the machine.  I was happy to have it done, now I know I can!

Tonight is folding laundry and watching a movie or two wile at it.  I need to reward myself somehow, it's one of my least liked chores (next to cleaning the bathroom)

I know these aren't exciting life updates - but they are definately frugal activities - and saving the $$ is the name of the game lately!

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