Thursday, April 7, 2016

Wrapping up another busy week

It's been another one of those weeks here on my side of CT.
Monday was the most normal paced, but there was yucky snow/sleety stuff to drive home in...
Tuesday was a 2 hr delay which I was thankful for since I had to finish some preps for a meeting Tuesday night.
Wednesday found me at school helping in the music department for a show coming up & home to cook and clean.
Today and tomorrow are Subbing days for me.  Definately busy!

Saturday I'm helping hubby at an event & Sunday is church and soup kitchen duty.

What have I learned from subbing?  I cannot work, keep house, shuttle kids and continue volunteer meetings several times a week at night and function the next day.

Routine is where we seriously need help - we have a loose one but we will need a tighter one if I do this sub thing more next year.


  1. Totally agree with working and trying to get everything else done around the house. I think that we are all barely hanging on to the normal schedule and adding just one more thing to it seems like it should work but I am exhausted by working 5 half days. I don't know how I used to work full days but I guess that we didn't have little man to take care of too!! Ready for sleeping in and catching up on sleeping.

  2. It has taken me years to get a routine down that works for me. I will be honest one mishap can throw everything off. And with Gpa P it happens alot. I am in awe of anyone with more than one child (mine is out on her own now)