Sunday, May 22, 2016

Fancy outfit on the cheap

so, a few posts ago I mentioned how I got a dress for an awards dinner I had to excited I was because I found a dress on clearance at kohls for $12 and was able to even exchange it for the correct size a week later....well I was looking at the reciept again today - turns out I only paid $9.60 for the dress!   I used at 20% off coupon And forgot about it!  Probably because I was so excited for a $12 dress

That takes the fancy outfit price down to...... $25.47 before tax!
dress $9.60
Panty hose at target 5.88
Chunky Necklace splurge at target 9.99 (my simple chains and bauble were too plain)
Shoes - I wore from my closet

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