Monday, May 9, 2016

Frugal Dress Shopping

So I'm not a girly girl....I like dresses, but honestly I don't have a lot of places to wear them and I tend to favor skirts and tops that I can mix and match.  Last time I bought a dress was for a wedding last summer on Long Island - mostly because I couldn't bear the thought of wearing the last dress before that (5 years ago) or dragging out the LBD to another cousin wedding.  Plus, I'm almost at my delivery weight when I had the last kiddo almost 15 years ago and honestly - this shits gotta change!  None of my summer shorts fit diet has begun in earnest!

Sooo fast forward, I have to go to an awards dinner next week and look like a grown up!  This meant last week I hit kohls.  (After the consignment store where I struck out). I kinda hit the mother load so to speak. Bought 3 chaps dresses for $30 each and an Elle dress for $12!  The Elle was my favorite -not just for price, love the color & cut.  But as usual I was running late - since I know my chaps dress size I didn't try anything on and I wore sneakers - I have to wear heals to properly try on a dress...once I got home I dug out my heals & had hubby be the judge.  He said they all look nice and for me to pick - grr, such a chicken!  Well the chaps dresses were not staying...2 of them fabric was too clingy  & neckline too low for my taste - bummer because I loved the geometric pattern of both, the third I felt like a mix between a flight attendant and Kim Kardashian - there was some serious  bootay, not the look I was trying for.  That left the Elle dress, hemline was shorter than I'm used to...but the color and cut (and price) were ON Point!  Just it was a little snug in the bust - to the point I was super self concious....

Today I resigned myself to hit kohls after school and return all 4.  That is, until the clerk asked if I was returning or exchanging, I told her I'd love to find the next size up in the Elle dress - she pointed to the rack about 50 feet away and said they're over there!  And there was!  Only one left in the size I wanted - yay!  Except it was marked to $26 and I just paid $12 on Thursday.  I was prepared to suck it up and pay the difference - where else would I find a dress in a color (that doesn't need dry cleaning) for under $30?  She did a little magic and said - it's a size return - no extra charge!  Woohoo!  Party dress for $12!

And it's a great fabric that I can travel with too, should pack nicely. And since it was so inexpensive I'm not going to feel I have to wear it constantly to get my money's worth, heck I may even consign it once I drop the right amount of weight.

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  1. That was a great deal! I buy things and bring them home to try on. I always know some will go back.