Sunday, May 8, 2016

Last few weeks of school!

We are in the home stretch!  Only a couple more weeks to go!!  I'm pretty excited - it will be great to sleep past 5 am for a little bit.

These last few weeks will be hectic. Both kiddos have final exams & class trips & big concert & they just worked all this past weekend on the school drama production.  Our youngest needs to make a definate decision about staying at Catholic school or heading to the magnet accepted/lottery at.  Both great school....oldest will stay at Catholic - half way done.  It's a tough choice for an indecisive child.

I'm looking forward to NOT having to really drive anywhere except to get groceries or to drop kiddos at an activity.

Tomorrow is the only day I have for this week of working for pay...there is loads to do here at home and volunteer stuff to do still - that needs to be done this week.

There never seen to be enough hours in the days - or motivation in me.

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