Sunday, May 1, 2016

Stop the Wheel!

its Sunday afternoon and I'm already Friday tired....tonight has to be an early bed night.

Last week went sideways on the running around side.  Youngest is switching schools next year so there was an evening open house with course selection for next year, The next day had this child at drama rehearsal until 8 - Friday had me doing some last minute shopping and era ding for hubby, racing to school go pick up kids and some stuff for drama and the show.

Yesterday I was volunteering an hour and 15  north of me then racing home to grab some stuff hubby & kids needed to deliver it to them at thier activity then home and in bed by 11.

Today has been more of the same running while I try to prep for a busy week of subbing, driving, meeting with other kid for their projects (they asked for help), drama tech week and at some point cooking &. Doing a fast tidy at home.

Makes me think I need to evaluate the wheel - rather than constantly run faster and faster to keep from falling off it.

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