Sunday, May 1, 2016

Taking stock

I'm in a serious stock taking mood lately...
I've looked at what replacement costs are on a few items around the house.  Not food related items but hard goods.  Furniture, appliances, home decor items that are only necessary....that kind of stuff. 

It really adds up!  But the exercise is helpful when looking at home owners insurance policies.  It's important to make sure things like sofas, washing machines, beds & linens would be able to replace if something happened.

Think about my house we would need
3 beds & linens, bath towels etc, washing machine, clothes, at least 4 dressers, table and 4 chairs, lamps, sofa and 1 chair, dishes & drinkware, silverware, pots and pans, vacume cleaner & coffee pot. I mean those are the basics!  Even bought at thrift or on the cheap at a big box discounter it would all add up the thousands of $$.

I did a little experiment and priced it out in ikea. Using their online catalog - 😛$3000. That's before clothes and cookware and a vacume cleaner...yikes!

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