Sunday, May 29, 2016

The annual list

Or as the oldest calls it the anal list (as in mom's anal retentive OCD chore list)

I began the list of tasks & projects's my tradition.  Once the list has been completed, it is coded as to who is affected and who needs to help with the completion.

There are several items that will need to be done ASAP since we are having Youngest's confirmation celebration here.

this all needs to be done pre-Father's Day weekend
Tidy living room -me
Weed through sun room (this goes from the living room to patio) - hubby
Clean patio (it's concrete so needs to be scrubbed and hosed down) - me doing today
Patio furniture set up.- me & youngest today
Weed through kid bedrooms in prep for the other big projects (this will take them seriously 2 hours of work but 10-12 hearty bitching about it) me and kids after school finishes next week

Big items for while they are away on their big trip this summer include:
Re-grouting my shower enclosure - me 3 days
Re-painting front doors to the house - me 2 days
Painting the bedrooms including the closet in that room - me and sister 2 days

While they are at sleep away camp
Cleaning/converting playroom to 'Craft land'. Also known as projectville....where I can get creative and they can do large school projects without having to pick up midway thru to eat dinner at the table.
i have a armoire office thing that will serve as my desk etc.

Cleaning the shared office that hubby and I share....I love its location but it's just too bleeping small for both of us to share.  Seriously we can't have 2 chairs in there.....never have never will.
The room would have been a better butlers pantry since it's off the kitchen & garage but I lost that battle many years ago and I'm not going to keep at it.

After camp/before school starts
Split and stack a big pile of wood from trees hat fell over last year.  Renting them a splitter. Kids and hubby
Dismantle the crummy fire pit thing and fix the yard where it was.  Kids and I.
Garage and shed need cleaning out badly - job for hubby and kids
Prune all shrubs - hiring friends landscaper hubby for this

My spidey-sense tells me there will be several dump and charity donation trips in my future.  Maybe A few to Lowes/HD, definately one to the paint store and equipment rental place.

I know when its me and the pets home alone it's mostly coffee, ice tea, salads and veggies for meals so at least I will eat healthier - except for the wine/beers at the end of long work days.

Also want to meet up at Ms Sandie & MamaFish's farmer market one day....


  1. Home Depot has an awesome sale right now,think it ends 5/31. $10/gallon off of paint. I took advantage of this to repaint the guest bedrooms at the condo; it's a mail in refund. $20? I'll take it.

  2. Wow! You have a ton of stuff lined up for the summer around the house!! I especially like your farmer's market plan! ;) Let's definitely try to get that one done!

  3. Yes please! I cannot usually do Saturday's though. Can always do Sunday's next Saturday I can do will not be until July 23. 😕

  4. Email me please at