Friday, May 13, 2016

Where did it go?

where on earth did the week go?  I know we were busy busy as usual.
As busy as we were meals were made at home!  Much better than the week before.
Monday was kielbasa, baked beans & veggies
Tuesday was frozen meatballs & pasta
Wednesday was hot dogs and pasta salad & fruit
Thursday was taco stuffed peppers
Tonight was I had the last 2 and hubs went out

Taco stuffed peppers
1# lean ground beef - browned
1 can kernal corn (we are out of frozen)
1 can small pink beans (like a mini pinto)
1 packet of taco seasoning
1 leftover pack of taco sauce from taco kit
3 cups of cooked rice
Bell peppers (I used 3 sliced in half lengthwise)

Hints....1 kiddo doesn't like rice - so I stuff their peppers first - then add the rice to the mix for the rest.  I also blanch the peppers upside down in the microwave.  Stuff them, sprinkle cheese on and into a 350 oven.  I put the leftover stuffing into a Tupperware - we will reheat it for lunch on the weekend.

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