Saturday, May 14, 2016

Yummy crash & burn

on Monday as I ran around exchanging dresses - I also stopped at my local Big Y.  We needed fruit and bread and milk & cheese.  As I neared the dairy row I remembered we were low on Greek yogurt, since I don't drink milk I try to eat some every day.  After I grabbed my 10/$8 little containers of big y Greek yogurt flavors and headed to the milk case one of the kids texted me to get tubs of vanilla yogurt for smoothies, this item wasn't on sale - but....the Greek big y strawberry was - for $1.24/32oz!  The exp date was 5/11.  I only grabbed 2 and made the explanation at home to them.  
I also told them that this summer they are going to learn how to price foods and be part of the shopping process looking for deals and making substitutions....this will teach them flexibility and $$ sense.  

Moms Money Camp!

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