Thursday, June 30, 2016

Progress on projects

so far I have to admit my progress has been slim.

I've done well on eating foods that are here....

Sunday - ate leftovers, veggies/hummus & fruit.  Pretty much did nothing all day except unload the dishwasher and reload it.  Tried a batch of Pinterest toilet bombs - epic fail, in that they fizz and smell nice but I think mine were too wet so they kinda puffed up a lot.  I will skip doing that again. Oh and I watched a ton of law & order svu reruns.

Monday was leftovers and the veggies & hummus & fruits.  I did stop at the market for pet lettuce and yogurt for my desserts - of course 85% lean ground beef was on sale so I grabbed 2 2.75# packs for the freezer -great for browning for sauce or taco night.
Trip to feed store and haircut were included - I came home and was exhausted - but I had a meeting that evening so I rallied and off I went.

Tuesday lunch at a bakery in the town I grew up in with a high school friend who now lives cross country.  Quick stop to goodwill for a leisurely poke around....came home empty handed - I used amazing self control - there was a singer sewing machine in a super sturdy rolling cabinet marked down to $20!   I really want a cabinet table for one of my portable Brother machines but I had a tough time...couldn't figure out how to get the singer into the upright position - and if my portable can be mounted on that fold away bit and the other problem of the craft room clean out hasn't started - so how do I justify another piece of furniture when I have folding tables that work great.
Finally finished the leftovers -yay!

Wednesday - started the morning to yucky milk on the cereal - into the trash....yogurt & fruit it was.
I also made the quinoa & broccoli bites ala Pinterest - look them up not too bad.  Next time I'm going to add more cheese and some finely chopped sautéed onions though.  I could totally see why someone with toddlers would feed them to kids though.  Ate half the batch - I was super hungry.
Took down 2 kitchen doors that needed repair - now I can't find the proper bar clamps so I have to borrow a set from hubby's friend who will laugh and tell hubby.  Laundry and such was on the deck for the day too

Thursday : plans, folding laundry, go to Aldi and the habitat restore for a poke around (another place the kids and hubby don't understand) possibly a goodwill stop in another city...near Aldi
Quick stop to kohls to use a $15 rewards coupon

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Meal plans for 1 for 2 weeks

im on my own for the next 2 weeks....time to meal plan for me.  Started this morning with a fridge clean out.

Cereal with milk

Veggies and hummus
Veggies and Greek yogurt dip

Grilled veggies and rice or quinoa most nights
Quinoa broccoli cheese bites & salad
Leftover hamburger gravy and rice (Monday & Tuesday) & salad
Leftover lasagna (tonight) & salad
Shrimp scampi over zoodles (have to get zucchini but the shrimp is in the freezer)

Homemade seltzer
Ice tea

I have all my lunch veggies cut up for the first few days - I'm sure I will have to run go the store for more.

Just trying to clean up my eating over the next 2 weeks

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

2 goodwill bargains

So youngest child badgered me into taking a trip to goodwill after an earlier errand because mini muffin pans were needed for a project with a friend tomorrow and I refused to lend mind to the cause.  If they were baking with them I would have but this is a construction/craft event that will render the pans Un-bake-able ever again.

So once the pans were $.99/each I did a little nosing around. Found 2 things I love!  One was an armatell like serving plate (perfect for chilling in the fridge then putting cold appetizers on) for $1.99 and a 2 tier desert rack thing for $2.99 - you mine the kind that holds 2 plates of cookies or little cakes on it....I've been wanting one especially when we have get together events at home and I almost bought one at christmas tree shop last Christmas for 12.99....but my frugalista side spoke up and I decided to wait.  Well that saved me $10!

They've actually cleaned up this particular store a bit.  There was no upholstered furniture at all and the electronics were more cleared out and not as jumbled as usual.  I may have to take some time on Sunday since I'm on my own and take a poke around.  

Dollar tree trip

I'm super proud of myself!  I was doing errands yesterday and popped into the newest dollar tree in my area.  I needed to pick up a pair of cheater reading glasses for hubby....I keep a pair in my purse for him for when we're out and he forgets his others....the last pair of cheaters he has decided to keep at his office - for $1 it's fine.

I only spent 5.07!
Cheaters, bottle of Comet w/bleach spray, new scrub brush, 2 cards and a snickers bar!  Woohoo!!

While I was there it got very busy with a gaggle of senior citizens all in line at the same time.  Only 1 register open, one of the older ladies said something and the manager opened another register - I went to that one since I recognize him from the store closest to my house.  I asked if he was still hiring for that store he said they are but kids have to be 18!  Corporate policy!  I couldn't believe it.... Font understand why, grocery stores can hire 16 year olds and so can ocean state job lot and both these stores sell a lot of the same cleaning and food items - seems weird to me.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Getting ready mentally

Mentally getting ready for hubby and the kids to leave for 2 weeks.  I have loads of things I hope to accomplish and things I must accomplish.  The lists are actually quite similar.  I've made the decision to tackle the biggest first.  Although there are several nagging tasks that need to be taken care of.  One is the rug under the dining room table.  It's an oriental lookalike from BJs. We've been very happy with it over the years - im hoping for some sunny dry weather like we have been having because I want to scrub it.  I have a shampooer machine but I want to take it outside and try hosing it down from behind first.  The creamy colored border (8" wide) is grey and dingy one one portion and it really bums me out.  Hoping for good weather so it can dry outside.

The other nagging task is an outside job as well - taking the shower doors out and scrubbing them with CLR (hard water stains). I don't want the fumes in the house.

The big project is the playroom conversion. I will try to take photos and post - if I don't think the are too hoardery.

Other than making a batch of toilet bombs (Pinterest) I don't see much in my 2 week future - except for some wine drinking...

Friday, June 17, 2016

Food Shopping with teens

Sometimes my teens get it....and other times they don't.  Take for example yesterday's trip to big y. We went after they had dentist appointments (combining errands continues)

We needed bread, eggs, milk, yogurt & fruit and meat because I forgot to take something out of the freezer.

In we go - youngest saw strawberries were B1G2 got those!  grabbed the ground turkey (least expensive option of the day) and we headed to dairy section....found that's where they have the discounted bread rack....picked up and checked the dates on 2 loaves of big y "Arnold type bread" in oatmeal for $.74/loaf!  The date is 6/19. Youngest almost died of embarrassment right there!
" mom you are not buying clearance bread! That's sketchy"
"Ummm, it has a sell by date of 6/19...we keep it in the fridge and you toast it anyway"
"I'm not eating that (insert eye roll for effect"
Oldest asks what my plan with the ground turkey is "better not be stupid turkey burgers"
I told them it's pasta and sauce night (my head is now throbbing).  They begin to whine about we always eat penne or ziti..."lets have another shape" fine - to the pasta aisle.  Ronzoni was on sale 10/$10.  Not my favorite brand - we are a barilla house - so youngest grabs a box of barilla linguini at $1.49.  I hold my ground and push back that it's a ronzoni night.  Youngest quips "what is it with you...everything is on sale - are you going to be one of those shoppers?"  I had it!  Looked kiddo in the eye and said "shut up - you want to go on trips and camp?  How the heck do you think it happens - sale shopping!"

Nobody said a word all the way home - now I remember why I go grocery shopping alone!

They aren't questioning with the teen angsty tone everything I buy, hubby isn't insisting I stock up in stuff we already have plenty of and buying a weeks + of produce we don't have storage for.

A dip into my secret stash of chocolate and glass of iced coffee I was all better....but it was a harrowing experience.

After I recovered I made dinner

3.50 ground turkey
1.00 linguini
O.49 big y pasta sauce (bought on clearance. A few months ago). Ha ha ha!

Donations update.....

Last week I posted about getting donations ready to go to Salvation Army.  

Today is the day!  I will be in that area and I have my stuff all in the back of my little car.  It's a lot!
3 large kohls bags (the really big ones) and 2 13 gallon kitchen bags have been culled from our house!  Not to mention several pairs of barely worn teen snow boots and outgrown dress shoes - I think the feet have stopped...I hope so anyway.

I'm sure there is much more work that can be done as we go through the summer.  It's a constant battle.  CONSTANT!

I can't wait until drop off!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Waiting and wasting time

This morning I have already gotten 1 kid out of the house for an activity, unloaded the dishwasher and tidied the kitchen, had my breakfast and coffee, and looked over my tasks for the day - none are exciting but 2 involve me heading to town.  Pool water test and car emissions testing.  Fantastic!

Why haven't I gone yet?  Because I'm waiting on someone go stop by and pick up important papers from hubby (he is at work).  There is plenty I could do in the meantime, but that means I risk being up to my elbows in a task when this person comes - I seriously can leave for my errands when they pull out of the driveway.

I hate being this impatient but I really want to get on my way with my stuff - selfish?  Yup just a little.  But I have much to do and really hate leaving projects half done - even small ones - it happens a lot here which is why our house is always the land of the lost - a total jumble of partially done projects...
Just drives me batty!

How do you fill your waiting time?

Windows done!

I washed all the windows Monday. Well, the outsides of them.
I used to use Squeegee Off concentrate - but decided to try something new since I have just a little of that left.  And if what I tried didn't work great I could reDo them with it.

Lemme tell you the Pinterest one worked awesome!  Freaking amazing awesome!

2 gallons hot water
2.5 tbsp Finish Jet Dry (I had Walmart brand)
2tbsp dawn ultra dish soap

Spray the windows to wet them, scrub this stuff on with a sponge or washer tool - I used the car washing brush on a hose stick we have - large head &  gentle bristles sturdy pole thing.
Spray off the mixture. The water sheets off awesome!  Then drys nicely - no water spots!

I'll still use vinegar and old prefold diapers for the insides but already they are much brighter!  I will use this recipie again for sure!

Monday, June 13, 2016

The big push is on.....

The big push is on today for me to clean up the house!  Youngest just left to work at the grandparents house (yard work). Oldest will emerge sometime hopefully before noon...and will be put to work in the house since that child has parked their butt in front of Xbox for 2 days straight.  Grrrrr.  I hate that thing - wish we never agreed for it to come here.

First on the list is desk in the bedroom.  My dad made it for me and it's honestly not working for today's teens.  Child needs go clean it out and I'm either going go put it in the converted playroom/craft room or habitat restore.  Mostly thinking the tax write off would be nice.  Kiddo wants a desk made of a counter section from ikea and table legs like the other built. Like a 6 foot long narrow table - it's worked great for the other and was cheap to build.

Today's cool temps have me heading out after this cuppa coffee go wash the outside portion of the house windows in the inside in the hot part of the day with fans on.

The last few days of cooler temps means I turned off the AC and have the ceiling fans going to circulate air -pollen is still an issue - but that's why they make OTC allergy medicine which is less expensive than electricity in CT.

Saturday, June 11, 2016


I have a car trunk full of donations to go to Salvation Army store on Monday.
Yes, it's a drive out of my way...but that's not the point.  It's in a very poor section of a neighboring small city.  I've seen those that shop there - with thier vouchers for clothing.  I have to assume they get the vouchers from the shelters in the area.  It makes me feel better - knowing there are folks who need getting the donation of my kids outgrown clothes.  I'm careful to not drop off ones that are too worn out to wear.

I always take a quick look around to see if there is anything I may need/like to add to my wardrobe.

I've done the same at goodwill too - although lately the closest one really expects people to pay a pretty penny for some grungy rag bag stuff - leaves a bad feeling in my heart.  The SA store is much more careful with what they put out and the staff seems to treat their customers a little more dignified. Just has a kinder vibe to it.

So this summer as I cull the clutter the good stuff can head to SA.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I have to shop

Day 3 of having the teens home for the summer and I have to grocery shop.  They've made a watermelon and bunch of bananas vanish!  Along with other items a lot of other items - ha ha ha. They even are the blueberry yogurt (always the last to go)

Tomorrow that's my plan - get up, drop them at their activities and hit ShopRite like a wrecking ball - we are even out of frozen veggies - which isn't a bad thing just inconvient for me this week, since the freezer isn't as empty as I would like it.  I have 3 weeks to fix that though - I like to eat it down, store the rest in the cooler and defrost it when they go to summer camp - it only takes about an hour but it has to be done every year.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

First 2 days

the first 2 days of summer break are done.  Youngest child went to grandparents yesterday to help with outside chores.  Today both went.  Grandparents are getting older and these 2 are strong and since neither have summer jobs I better not hear any complaining.

I've done the usual errands and laundry catch up.  Not much checked off my list yet - but I will get there!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Hello summer break!

Ahh - finally! Exam week was rough and very busy for us...Such a relief to not have to get the kids up early & out of the house so early.
Books for next year are already bought (except for a couple workbooks I have to order).

Monday will find oldest and I looking over the honors and AP reading lists and making a plan to complete.  Youngest and I will be looking over reading list and helping to establish a plan.

Next 36 hours will find me doing a whole lot of nothing - thank goodness, I could sleep for a week.