Wednesday, June 22, 2016

2 goodwill bargains

So youngest child badgered me into taking a trip to goodwill after an earlier errand because mini muffin pans were needed for a project with a friend tomorrow and I refused to lend mind to the cause.  If they were baking with them I would have but this is a construction/craft event that will render the pans Un-bake-able ever again.

So once the pans were $.99/each I did a little nosing around. Found 2 things I love!  One was an armatell like serving plate (perfect for chilling in the fridge then putting cold appetizers on) for $1.99 and a 2 tier desert rack thing for $2.99 - you mine the kind that holds 2 plates of cookies or little cakes on it....I've been wanting one especially when we have get together events at home and I almost bought one at christmas tree shop last Christmas for 12.99....but my frugalista side spoke up and I decided to wait.  Well that saved me $10!

They've actually cleaned up this particular store a bit.  There was no upholstered furniture at all and the electronics were more cleared out and not as jumbled as usual.  I may have to take some time on Sunday since I'm on my own and take a poke around.  

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