Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Dollar tree trip

I'm super proud of myself!  I was doing errands yesterday and popped into the newest dollar tree in my area.  I needed to pick up a pair of cheater reading glasses for hubby....I keep a pair in my purse for him for when we're out and he forgets his others....the last pair of cheaters he has decided to keep at his office - for $1 it's fine.

I only spent 5.07!
Cheaters, bottle of Comet w/bleach spray, new scrub brush, 2 cards and a snickers bar!  Woohoo!!

While I was there it got very busy with a gaggle of senior citizens all in line at the same time.  Only 1 register open, one of the older ladies said something and the manager opened another register - I went to that one since I recognize him from the store closest to my house.  I asked if he was still hiring for that store he said they are but kids have to be 18!  Corporate policy!  I couldn't believe it.... Font understand why, grocery stores can hire 16 year olds and so can ocean state job lot and both these stores sell a lot of the same cleaning and food items - seems weird to me.

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