Friday, June 17, 2016

Food Shopping with teens

Sometimes my teens get it....and other times they don't.  Take for example yesterday's trip to big y. We went after they had dentist appointments (combining errands continues)

We needed bread, eggs, milk, yogurt & fruit and meat because I forgot to take something out of the freezer.

In we go - youngest saw strawberries were B1G2 got those!  grabbed the ground turkey (least expensive option of the day) and we headed to dairy section....found that's where they have the discounted bread rack....picked up and checked the dates on 2 loaves of big y "Arnold type bread" in oatmeal for $.74/loaf!  The date is 6/19. Youngest almost died of embarrassment right there!
" mom you are not buying clearance bread! That's sketchy"
"Ummm, it has a sell by date of 6/19...we keep it in the fridge and you toast it anyway"
"I'm not eating that (insert eye roll for effect"
Oldest asks what my plan with the ground turkey is "better not be stupid turkey burgers"
I told them it's pasta and sauce night (my head is now throbbing).  They begin to whine about we always eat penne or ziti..."lets have another shape" fine - to the pasta aisle.  Ronzoni was on sale 10/$10.  Not my favorite brand - we are a barilla house - so youngest grabs a box of barilla linguini at $1.49.  I hold my ground and push back that it's a ronzoni night.  Youngest quips "what is it with you...everything is on sale - are you going to be one of those shoppers?"  I had it!  Looked kiddo in the eye and said "shut up - you want to go on trips and camp?  How the heck do you think it happens - sale shopping!"

Nobody said a word all the way home - now I remember why I go grocery shopping alone!

They aren't questioning with the teen angsty tone everything I buy, hubby isn't insisting I stock up in stuff we already have plenty of and buying a weeks + of produce we don't have storage for.

A dip into my secret stash of chocolate and glass of iced coffee I was all better....but it was a harrowing experience.

After I recovered I made dinner

3.50 ground turkey
1.00 linguini
O.49 big y pasta sauce (bought on clearance. A few months ago). Ha ha ha!


  1. I overheard a conversation with a teen and parents. The teen wanted something and the father just said, "Get a job!" Nothing else was said. I thought it was a great response.

  2. I bought marked down Italian bread for $.89 yesterday. I do that quite a bit. Nothing wrong with it. It was the kind that baked there and is so good and usually pricey.

  3. My MIL (who I miss every day) told me how she saved $$ by wrapping margarine in LOL butter wrappers. She showed me the decades old box. Now my DH is all about quality but at a great price. The teens will appreciate you sticking to your price point and will remember it when they are grown. Now our DD is clipping coupons and reading flyers.