Monday, June 20, 2016

Getting ready mentally

Mentally getting ready for hubby and the kids to leave for 2 weeks.  I have loads of things I hope to accomplish and things I must accomplish.  The lists are actually quite similar.  I've made the decision to tackle the biggest first.  Although there are several nagging tasks that need to be taken care of.  One is the rug under the dining room table.  It's an oriental lookalike from BJs. We've been very happy with it over the years - im hoping for some sunny dry weather like we have been having because I want to scrub it.  I have a shampooer machine but I want to take it outside and try hosing it down from behind first.  The creamy colored border (8" wide) is grey and dingy one one portion and it really bums me out.  Hoping for good weather so it can dry outside.

The other nagging task is an outside job as well - taking the shower doors out and scrubbing them with CLR (hard water stains). I don't want the fumes in the house.

The big project is the playroom conversion. I will try to take photos and post - if I don't think the are too hoardery.

Other than making a batch of toilet bombs (Pinterest) I don't see much in my 2 week future - except for some wine drinking...

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