Sunday, June 26, 2016

Meal plans for 1 for 2 weeks

im on my own for the next 2 weeks....time to meal plan for me.  Started this morning with a fridge clean out.

Cereal with milk

Veggies and hummus
Veggies and Greek yogurt dip

Grilled veggies and rice or quinoa most nights
Quinoa broccoli cheese bites & salad
Leftover hamburger gravy and rice (Monday & Tuesday) & salad
Leftover lasagna (tonight) & salad
Shrimp scampi over zoodles (have to get zucchini but the shrimp is in the freezer)

Homemade seltzer
Ice tea

I have all my lunch veggies cut up for the first few days - I'm sure I will have to run go the store for more.

Just trying to clean up my eating over the next 2 weeks

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