Thursday, June 30, 2016

Progress on projects

so far I have to admit my progress has been slim.

I've done well on eating foods that are here....

Sunday - ate leftovers, veggies/hummus & fruit.  Pretty much did nothing all day except unload the dishwasher and reload it.  Tried a batch of Pinterest toilet bombs - epic fail, in that they fizz and smell nice but I think mine were too wet so they kinda puffed up a lot.  I will skip doing that again. Oh and I watched a ton of law & order svu reruns.

Monday was leftovers and the veggies & hummus & fruits.  I did stop at the market for pet lettuce and yogurt for my desserts - of course 85% lean ground beef was on sale so I grabbed 2 2.75# packs for the freezer -great for browning for sauce or taco night.
Trip to feed store and haircut were included - I came home and was exhausted - but I had a meeting that evening so I rallied and off I went.

Tuesday lunch at a bakery in the town I grew up in with a high school friend who now lives cross country.  Quick stop to goodwill for a leisurely poke around....came home empty handed - I used amazing self control - there was a singer sewing machine in a super sturdy rolling cabinet marked down to $20!   I really want a cabinet table for one of my portable Brother machines but I had a tough time...couldn't figure out how to get the singer into the upright position - and if my portable can be mounted on that fold away bit and the other problem of the craft room clean out hasn't started - so how do I justify another piece of furniture when I have folding tables that work great.
Finally finished the leftovers -yay!

Wednesday - started the morning to yucky milk on the cereal - into the trash....yogurt & fruit it was.
I also made the quinoa & broccoli bites ala Pinterest - look them up not too bad.  Next time I'm going to add more cheese and some finely chopped sautéed onions though.  I could totally see why someone with toddlers would feed them to kids though.  Ate half the batch - I was super hungry.
Took down 2 kitchen doors that needed repair - now I can't find the proper bar clamps so I have to borrow a set from hubby's friend who will laugh and tell hubby.  Laundry and such was on the deck for the day too

Thursday : plans, folding laundry, go to Aldi and the habitat restore for a poke around (another place the kids and hubby don't understand) possibly a goodwill stop in another city...near Aldi
Quick stop to kohls to use a $15 rewards coupon

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