Monday, June 13, 2016

The big push is on.....

The big push is on today for me to clean up the house!  Youngest just left to work at the grandparents house (yard work). Oldest will emerge sometime hopefully before noon...and will be put to work in the house since that child has parked their butt in front of Xbox for 2 days straight.  Grrrrr.  I hate that thing - wish we never agreed for it to come here.

First on the list is desk in the bedroom.  My dad made it for me and it's honestly not working for today's teens.  Child needs go clean it out and I'm either going go put it in the converted playroom/craft room or habitat restore.  Mostly thinking the tax write off would be nice.  Kiddo wants a desk made of a counter section from ikea and table legs like the other built. Like a 6 foot long narrow table - it's worked great for the other and was cheap to build.

Today's cool temps have me heading out after this cuppa coffee go wash the outside portion of the house windows in the inside in the hot part of the day with fans on.

The last few days of cooler temps means I turned off the AC and have the ceiling fans going to circulate air -pollen is still an issue - but that's why they make OTC allergy medicine which is less expensive than electricity in CT.

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